Help us Save the Theatre Curriculum

HHS Theatre Logo

Ways you can help:

  • Tell others about this
  • Email, mail, call, stalk the school board members and tell them your stories
  • Get the community involved
  • Contact alumni to write in to the School Board

What ever you write make it why we need theatre classes (not theatre in general).

If you are willing, I would also like your letters or essays or poems about theatre and why theatre matters.  I have a website that is connected to the MTSD site that explains Why Theatre Matters (  Students, teachers and professionals have all written about Theatre, it would be great to add your voices.

To add to the site, just email me, to be apart of something that will help students for years to come.

Homestead Theatre Department
5000 West Mequon Road
Mequon, Wisconsin 53092
(262) 238-5674

The mission of Homestead High School:

to equip all students with transferrable skills, promote academic independence, foster social responsibility, and inspire a passion for learning

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