Parent/Teacher Conferences

Ah, our second round of conferences were last night and what a night it was.  I spent the 4 hours talking to parents about how much their children enjoyed acting or how it was helping them be a more social, confident person.  I’m pretty sure I didn’t stop smiling from 3:15- 7:30 (and I didn’t stop stop smiling after 7:30, but that’s another blog post).

Of the parents I spoke to, some were parents of children who were also in the after-school theatre program, who spoke about the advanced classes and how the musical was going, but a good portion of the parents were on students who are not into theatre as a hobby, but took the class to have fun and fulfill their fine art credit.  A couple students, I found out, are taking Fine Arts Survey (a 2 credit course) and just took Acting 1 for fun because they know it will build their confidence and challenge them to think differently.

I am blessed to be able to teach theatre to young adults and show them the joy I have for the subject, but also to lead them into a direction of confidence and empathy.  As a teacher, I know almost all of my students (advanced actors included) will not go into Theatre for a career (which is a good thing really, that life is a hard and disappointing lifestyle most of the time), but I also know that taking theatre in high school allows any student to become a better member of society.  The amount of skills theatre teaches is ridiculous.  If you put down you were involved in theatre on your resume, you become an even better candidate for the job.  Theatre people normally are the best hires, they:

  • Have time management skills
  • Can adapt to any situation
  • Can think on their feet
  • Show Empathy for others
  • Are orginized
  • Can present well
  • Have the social ability to interact well with others
  • Work as a Team
  • Can lead or follow depending

Their skills are limitless.  Every year at least one former student comes back to tell me they were hired because their boss found out they did theatre.  Last night is was wonderful to be able to talk to the parents about just that and hear how much they love what theatre is doing for their child.  I am truly blessed that this district has this curriculum and knows the value of it in the schools.

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