One Act Auditions

One Act and Seminar Auditions will be held during Flex time and after school, please sign up for a time slot.

One Act Auditions

Before you sign up I need you to think long and hard about your dedication. Do you really want to act in the One Act production?  How willing are you to be in the class?  Give up a class that is conflicting with One Act?  Stay after school to work on a scene? Use your flex-time to fix the show?  What are you willing to give up for One Act?  If you aren’t willing to give something up for this class, I have to question why you would want to part-take in such a grueling class.

Currently we’ve lost the dedication that we had in years past.  That’s the one thing theatre needs to succeed… that and actual talent.  But even when you don’t have talent, but your actors are dedicated, at least you get something.

Once upon a time, this theatre department was filled with students who loved theatre for the sake of theatre.  But in resent years I’ve noticed that the actors want to chat with their friends and have fun, than actually create good art.  And hey, I’m all for having a good time, but we also need to work hard.  It’s up to the cast how good the productions will be.

If you want to go to state, do your homework, stay after school, practice on your own, come in on weekends and be dedicated.  Theatre comes first, nothing else exists.

It’s really hard for me when I cast a great show in February and lose half the cast in May to other classes or in the summer to sports and other activities. For three years in a row I went from class sizes of 25+ to under 20.

If you are going to choose something else, please don’t audition.  If you are willing to work and figure out how to keep One Act in your schedule, then by all means audition!  Welcome!!

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