Acting 1 Experiences by Logan Wouters

Logan and Alex in their video commercial
Logan and Alex in their video commercial

Acting one has been a completely new experience for me. Prior to actually being in the this class, I was very nervous. Public speaking is one of my least favorite things to do ever. It has been since I was really young. The last thing I wanted to do for a class everyday, was perform in front of a big group.

Before every speech, or a performance, my chest gets very heavy and I become very nervous. That’s an emotion I cannot control no matter how much I try to relax. People seeing my speech problems is a fear of mine due to embarrassment and it takes lots of energy out of me to try and control and hide it. Along with the fact that not everyone respects it when they see it.

Logan in his acting commercial
Logan in his acting commercial

The thing about Acting one is, this class doesn’t apply much pressure on public speaking. I would still get very nervous before performing for the class but I was able to have fun while facing one of my worst fears. Practicing in the halls and seeing how others practiced and watching how to be better really helped. While practicing, I would have my friends: Alex, Robbie, Jack, Ethan, Sarah, or Rachel who could make laugh prior to practicing. Laughing helps me tremendously to calm down and that’s exactly what I need before practicing or performing.  This class gave me a chance to play around with the emotions I can create while acting and how well I can memorize my lines.

Another experience in this class that really challenged me was the monologue. Even though I had the “guys” I stated above with me while I practiced, I knew it was on me completely to make sure I could stay calm, get my lines memorized, get emotions down, and perform. Performing was hard for me. Prior to my performance, the exact thing I expected to happen, happened. My chest began to feel really heavy, I got very nervous and all I could think about was remembering my lines and not blacking out. I got so nervous over this even though I had my lines perfectly memorized and was well practiced but no matter what, fear and nervousness always take over part of me. As I walked up, I could feel everyone looking at me and expecting a performance displaying lots of practice. As expected, even though I believe it wasn’t that recognizable, I blanked out in my lines. It took me a second to retrieve it but that was the result of me overthinking the whole process of performing.

Logan and Jack performing their dialogue from "Limitless"
Logan and Jack performing their dialogue from “Limitless”

My favorite project of this class was the dialogue. Jack and myself had a blast practicing for that project. We were able to share many laughs while preparing for it. During the process, to help, we created many purposeful bloopers just to get laughs or relieve any stress of trying to get things memorized. Performing our dialogue was great. I felt like displaying my emotions went great and I also was not battling with myself to hold back any speech problems that I usually run into. After the last words were said, I felt accomplished because never before, have I memorized that much dialogue of any scene.

The final exam as pretty enjoyable. I got to do one last entertaining project with the guys I’ve been working with all tri and it turned out great.  One last aspect of acting I really enjoyed was meeting some new people. Some of the freshmen were actually great to get to know and very fun to hang out and socialize with. That was another way for me to just step back and relax.

Written by Logan Wouters

2nd Hour Acting 1
3rd Trimester

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