Thank you Tech Theatre by: Patrick Minkin

Patrick and Sam building their door frame
Patrick and Sam building their door frame

As I write this, I think back on my time spent in theatre classrooms, both with Mr. Marton and Ms. Figg-Franzoi. My overall perspective on theater as a whole has changed. Distinctly, there are so many more elements to theatre than just singing, dancing and acting. Tech theatre has made me realize what a production entails.

I have sat through my fair share of performances in theatre, as I have a brother deeply engaged in musical theatre. Every time I went to one of his shows, I was attentive to the voices of the actors and their acting skills. Also, although I do not know much about dancing, I watched for impressive dance moves on the stage. Through my time spent in tech theatre, I have learned that there is so much more. From lighting, to scenic designs, to props, to costumes, to sound, and even to make up, theatre is a very complex industry.

Patrick painting the set
Patrick painting the set

My time in tech theatre has allowed me to have hands on experience with all of the extra elements. And as I finish my experience, I applaud the people who do this work at Homestead and for a living. Lighting, sound, makeup and the other elements is no easy task to perform for a show. My first experience was with scenic design and construction. I am no handyman to say the least. This was an eye opener to me. It opened my eyes to the arduous work that is done behind the scenes for a production. We then moved onto sound, lighting and the other work done behind the scenes; my thoughts stayed the same, and I was amazed and I praise those who fill their lives with the technical elements of theatre. The actors could not be complete without their costumes and makeup. The stage could not be complete without a scenic design and stage props. Theatre would not be theatre without its technical elements.

Working in a group as Lighting Designer for a Dance Concert
Working in a group as Lighting Designer for a Dance Concert

The final project that I am creating ties everything together. I happen to be the lighting designer for my group, and through my work, I am depicted as the actual light designer for The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. It is a unique project in the fact that I am creating all these different lighting schemes for one show. I never would have thought that there could be so many different lighting combinations, and so many components to the element of light itself for a production. We learned about the 6 qualities of light: angle, texture, distribution, color, movement, and intensity. Since all of these qualities have to be considered for a lighting design, it makes it very intricate and vital that I pay attention to the plot. Who would have thought that the plot has any correlation with lighting! Thanks to the final exam, I know fully understand what it takes to be a technician of light for performance. It’s way more elaborate than just shining a couple of spotlights on the actors!

Thank you tech theatre for growing my thoughts on everything involved with theatre. The technical elements of theatre are as important, if not more important, than the acting elements of theatre.  Now I understand why we should take acting before tech theatre; we learn the basics before we face the complexities!

Written by: Patrick Minkin
3rd Trimester
Technical Theatre

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