Transferrable skills via Tech Theatre By: Jack Popp

From Page to Stage
From Page to Stage

Homestead has a great Theatre program and this trimester I was lucky enough to participate in Tech Theatre. Coming in I did not really understand what went on backstage at a performance or show.  It is much more than anyone would think. Overall the class gave me a better appreciation for the theatre as a whole.  From the actors on stage, to all the workers behind scenes, they work very hard and you can see it from the the productions that they perform in. We have lots of dedicated actors and stage crew members that put a lot of hard work and effort into every show to make it perfect.

Fixing their Door Design
Fixing their Door Design

From learning how to build sets to learning how to put makeup on an actor, the Tech Theatre course does a great job thoroughly teaching you how to do all these things.  I really enjoyed coming to the class everyday. In my opinion the building unit was the most fun by far.  It gave us a chance to work with our hands and help create the background for the spring play Arabian Nights. It was fun to be able to work with all the different tools and see what we could do.  We were able to use just about anything we wanted which allowed us to be creative and make things we wanted.  Along with that, we got to use paint which was very fun.  We learned all the different types of scenic painting techniques and also the different types of paint. Overall I had great time in Tech Theatre.

Distressing their doors
Distressing their doors

Throughout the trimester we learned about how set design, costume design, sound design, makeup, and lighting design worked.  With that being said, our final project helped incorporate all of that.  We were put in groups and asked to read a play then create a presentation as if we were one of designers. It really gave us a better understanding of how these jobs are in the real world theatrical industry.  You must analyze every aspect of the play so that you can portray it to the audience to the best of your ability. Contrary to what most believe, it is much harder than it looks.  It takes a lot of time, effort, and creativity to able to work one of these jobs.  The exam was a very unique and fun way for us to do an exam. It was unlike any other class and was a new experience that I really liked.

In the end I am very happy with my choice to take Tech Theatre. I am so glad because it gave me skills that I will be able to use later in life. From knowing how lights work and what needs to go where, to learning how to use power tools and other equipment the right way and how to be safe. I would recommend this class to anyone. It will provide them with transferrable skills that can be used in and out of a theatre setting. Thank you Ms. Figg.

Written By: Jack Popp
3rd Trimester 2015
Tech Theatre Class

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