You don’t have to wear a Mask By: Zanelle Willemse

About 3 months ago: “It’s finally 3rd trimester; my easiest and most fun trimester!” I thought, and I was especially excited about Acting 1. I’ve always been into drama, and acting on stage and have always wanted to be a famous actress one day, and I thought that acting was the class to get me there. When I entered high school, I heard some people talking about the fall play, but I could not audition for it as I am in cross country, which takes up most of the afternoon and Saturdays for meets and practices. Then, there was the musical, and apparently you need to be able to sing for that, and that was not going to happen, so I figured in Acting I could experience half of what I would with a play, so hey! Let’s go.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 7.43.12 AMFirst day of third trimester; I walk into the black box, and the atmosphere is very different, but not in a bad way, I like it. Ms. Figg-Franzoi starts discussing what we will be doing this trimester and we look at stage directions, etc., and then our first real assignment comes; we have to do radio commercials with a group, and I really enjoyed that, and I thought to myself, “This is very fun,” and then after that we had video commercials, also in a group, which was also really fun; I got to be the cameraman… uhm, excuse me, camerawoman, and then the spokesperson for our product; thermal leggings. I enjoyed handling the camera because I really like taking pictures and videos.

Then came a few more, projects, and one of them was to do a monologue. “Now what is a monologue?”, you might ask yourself, well a monologue is a long speech by a person or actor in a movie or play, or as part of a theatrical broadcast, etc., and I have terrible stage fright; I can barely stand up in front of the class to deliver a quick 1-minute speech, and now I have to do a WHOLE monologue??!! I thought “What did I get myself into?”, and it was too late to drop the class, so I just had to suck it up, and do it, and I thought that hopefully it’ll help with my stage fright, well at least that’s what I was told, so anyway, I chose to do a monologue from a Greek play, “Ajax,” by Sophocles. I had fun rehearsing it and everything, getting the different emotions and blocking that goes with it, but when we had to perform our halfway point in front of the class, I freaked out, I was so scared, but I got it over with, and then when we had to perform our whole monologue in front of the class, I wasn’t so nervous, and it actually went better than the halfway performance.

Acting has really told me that when doing public speaking, there is nothing to be afraid of, especially when doing a presentation, because everybody else has to do it too, and also that it’s OK to be you; express yourself, you don’t have to wear a mask to impress people, that is one thing that the theatre family has told me, and I am very thankful for that, it just made me more comfortable with high school. I am really excited to be enjoying Acting 2 next year, and I hope to continue my learning journey on theatre.

Written By: Zanelle Willemse
3rd Trimester 2015
Acting 1 Hour 3

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