Why take Acting 1? By Antonio Pulito

Acting 1 Commercial about a magic pen
Acting 1 Commercial about a magic pen

At first, I did not know what to expect of Acting 1.  I had never really acted before, but as time went on, I began to like it.  We started out with prop talks.  A prop talk is a speech where a person describes himself by using special items from their life.  The prop talks really helped me get to know a lot of new people in the class.  After we finished up the prop talks, we moved on to pantomimes.  A pantomime is an act where the person has to create invisible objects by their expressions and gestures.  This was probably my favorite subject throughout Acting 1 because people were really creative with their acts.

After pantomimes, we moved onto the world of commercials.  We practiced radio commercials and tv commercials.  The radio commercials were fun because we could add our own spin to them and what not, but the tv commercials were even better.  My group and I made a commercial about a magic pen that helps you get all the right answers on a test.  I liked using different camera shots to make it look professional.


Next was monologues.  A monologue is for one person.  Since Tommy Boy is one of my favorite movies, I took the monologue where Tommy is trying to sell brake pads but gets a little out of control.  Although it was a little embarrassing presenting it to the class, I enjoyed every bit of it.  After finishing monologues, I was ready for the new challenge, a two person dialogue.  My partner and I wrote our own dialogue.  It was about two bank robbers who successfully steal the money, but did not plan the getaway.  Although it was fun to write our own dialogue, we probably should have picked one that was professionally written because ours didn’t have very good emotion.

After wrapping up the dialogues, it was time to begin the final short films.  My partners and I got the genre of drama, character of a kid lawyer named Lilly Moss, and the prop of a pencil.  At first, we were really nervous because we did not know exactly what a drama was.  We ended up making a suspenseful type of drama where a detective has to catch a criminal that is going around killing people.  We wanted to make it a little interesting so we added a twist at the end where the detective is actually the killer.  I personally like having a final project instead of an exam because it tests our skills where as an exam tests our memorization.  Overall, Acting 1 has been really fun and exciting because instead of sitting around the whole time, like in other classes, we move around.  I have become a better actor and have learned lots of new techniques of theater. These include camera angles, types of props, types of acts, and many other things.  Next year, I plan on taking Acting 2 because I want to further my skills and be a part of a full on play.

Written By: Antonio Pulito
3rd Trimester 2015
Acting 1 3rd Hour

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