The Truth about Tech Theatre By: Peter Raimann

The hateful Make-up unit
The hateful Make-up unit

My time in tech theatre was very meaningful and unique. I learned a wide array of topics and techniques throughout each unit.

What I enjoyed the most was crafting the doors for Arabian Nights. Not only did I feel proud after building it with my group, but that it was used on stage for the performance. My contribution to it, I feel, was important because I enjoy crafting things and working with my hands.

I did not like the make up unit. If we are putting together stage sets and lighting designs, I don’t see the need for learning to put makeup-on, if we are not performing. On the other hand, learning about electrical configurations and how lights mix and match, was a good hands-on lesson. There’s also the aspect of knowing which not to put together as well because there’s the possibility it creates a dark scene or doesn’t bode well on the actor’s face. My favorite part was going up in to the catwalk. To be honest, I did not even know there was one. It was interesting to see how all the lighting was suspended via clamps, chains and pulleys. There were lights in the catwalk, on the left and right of the stage that created angular lighting and multiple types of light fixtures directly above the performers.

IMG_1532In addition, we also learned about the many tools used to create sets for plays. For example, the miter saw allows for vertical & horizontal angled cuts as well as cuts angled in both planes. We used it for crafting our frame for the doors as well as cutting a wooden lady’s leg down to fit in the window, which was part of our door project.

Next, I enjoyed costume research after watching “The Phantom of the Opera” at the Royal Albert Hall for the 25th anniversary. I had the character Ubaldo Piangi, a plus sized man of wealth who wears fine suits and jackets that are made of Brazilian black panther fur (yes, I decided he would wear that). He was also the sun god, which required extensive research on different clothing options due to a costume that’s obviously not common.

Phantom of the opera Costume project

After viewing Waiting for Godot, I learned in “full swing” what theatre truly means. It’s displayed almost every aspect of what we learned in tech theatre, all in one 40 minute sequence of lighting, costumes and just some good acting. In the end, tech theatre was a class that I actually enjoyed due to almost all of the units we learned and worked on. Truth be told, it was fun because of the people I worked with and who were in the class. The instructor was fabulous and made theatre, for me, an enjoyable topic of discussion. From the tools we worked with, the drawing and plans we devised for lighting and an all around camaraderie, was what made this class fun, meaningful and a real insight into what a production needs for a successful outcome.

And finally, I would like to thank Ms. Figg-Franzoi for a wonderful experience during this trimester of my junior year.

Written By: Peter Raimann
3rd Trimester 2015
Tech Theatre Class

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