Blog Post of Fun By Bethany Ford

IMG_1094Walking into the first day of Tech Theatre on a cloudy, dreary day in early March, I thought I would be walking into an atmosphere of friendly fun similar to Acting 1. While this was not the atmosphere I walked into, and this disappointed me at first, I could not be more glad that I stayed around to grow as a person and try things that I deemed myself “unfit” to accomplish, such as pretty much anything with tools. In the first unit, I surprised myself. I found myself to be excelling at things like drilling that I had learned a few days before. While on the first day I had promised that I would absolutely NOT be using the electric saw, I became the designated “saw person” just a week or two into the course. Seeing myself learn and grow, I allowed myself to realize that most of the things that I have told myself are out of reach for me as a person, or worse, maybe, that others have told me are out of reach for “people like me,” are indeed in the realm of possibilities. Even better, they are closer than they seem. This is exciting. And this is something I definitely did not think would come from being that person that raised their hand on the first day of class to identify that she was indeed a “fine arts requirement filler.”

IMG_1533In my final exam project, I have become the set designer. I actually really enjoyed my play, Peter Pan, and found my job to be relatively straight forward. I liked that I could still be creative in making the set, but I had definite guidelines via the script that I could follow. Seeing the words come alive in the form of my own pictures and descriptions was much more satisfying than simply watching the movie (which is wrong by the way-my scenes are more correct 😉 ).

I also liked recreating the sounds of Shrek: The Musical. After watching the musical in its entirety, I felt prepared to recreate almost any aspect of the play. This play was a great choice for focusing on sounds because it had so many sound effects and extra noises. This made it easy for everyone to recreate very different sound scenes/focuses, which made it fun to listen to other people’s. This was one of my favorite parts of the course.

IMG_2856Seeing the lighting unit, too, was very fun for me. Because I danced for 13 years, I always had lights changing behind me and highlighting me and my fellow dancers. Never had I had any experience in being behind these changes. While seeing how the lights change and how different colors look, I could not help but think of all of the times that people must have messed with all of those switches (seriously, like 1,000 switches) just because they cared about my performance. Along with the lighting unit went the fun we had up on the catwalk. In my group, we were all reasonably scared of heights, but then we ended up going up to the catwalk once more just for fun. Clearly, we got past this fear and saw this new experience as something fun and exciting instead of scary and yikes.

Overall, I am glad I took this class. Despite the plethora of homework and how loud Lisa was, I had a great time in this class. I learned a lot and, of course, got to hang out with the best person ever, aka Ms. Figg-Franzoi, which was quite possibly the most amazing experience I could have ever experienced.

Written By: Bethany Ford
3rd Trimester 2015
Tech Theatre

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