Steel Your Hearts!

In a world where students traditionally getting everything they want when they want it, there still are moments at Homestead and in life were that just isn’t so.  Sadly one of those places is in Theatre.  (The other is after you graduate college and can’t get a job in the field you want, but I digress).

Steel Your Hearts!

For Beauty and the Beast you will not get the part you want, so steal your heart.  Go into auditions ready to play any part, ready to take on the world, and ready to prove to yourself that you are amazing no matter what.  But also know that you will not get the part you want.  Three people at most will get the part they wanted, everyone else will be disappointed.  Know that now.  But it’s not about who you are in the production, but how you shape your experience in the show.   What character will you create?

In theatre we play characters… characters specific to a part… young child, old man, frog, cat, tree.  And as much as it’s a hard thing to hear and come to terms with we are not universal beings.  We cannot play any part in the world… well that is it.  Sure anyone can read a characters lines, but I will never make a great King Lear.  Why?  Because I am not an old sad man.

If you do not get a part in a show, that does not mean that you are a terrible performer, it just means that you were not suited for the production. I know that is a terrible thing to hear, but true non-the-less. As an actor myself I have been turned down many times because there was not a part for me, I can play a very specific part… no old ladies for me… characters my own age are hard to land as well.

“But what about those people that get leads all the time?” you ask.  Sadly some people are more versatile in their looks and abilities which allow them to be considered for many varying characters.  The great thing about being a teenaged actor is that you are ever changing!  You are growing and maturing and changing so much!  We have had many an actor come through who played the child role their freshmen year and the grumpy old man their senior year.  Just because you as your freshmen self didn’t get a part that year, does not mean you will never get a part ever.  Ask any of the kids who have graduated.  There were people who auditioned every year and finally got a part their senior year… LEADS.  It’s all about practice and perseverance.

I urge you to keep on auditioning, because one day there will be a part made for you or you will grow into the parts.

What you must understand is that your only job in an audition is to do your best work. Everything else is not up to you. The role you are reading for is one piece of an entire jigsaw puzzle. It must fit with the rest of the puzzle or the puzzle won’t work. The directors are fitting pieces of the puzzle together all day long. Your only job is to be the best “piece” you can be. Whether your edges fit in the slot for that piece is not up to you.

Just go to your audition. Do your best and let it go. If you’re good, they will remember you. And the next time you hear one of those things, remember these words, let a knowing smile creep over your face, and go enjoy your day!

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