Assistant Choreographer Wanted!

The lowdown

  • Working with Ms. Figg-Franzoi to help her to realize her dance and movement design concepts
  • Training Dancers and Actors in dance routines and movement
  • Choreographing dances and movements for “Beauty and the Beast”

Is this role right for me?

To do this role, you will need to:

  • have a thorough knowledge of dance
  • possess visual and creative abilities
  • have teaching skills
  • have perseverance and stamina
  • possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • be self-motivated
  • be able to work calmly and effectively under pressure
  • have strong team working skills
  • be practical and able to solve problems creatively
  • have strong organizational skills

What does an Assistant Choreographer do?

Assistant Choreographers work with Choreographers to help them to realize their dance or movement design concepts. Choreographers may involve Assistants in the creative process before starting work with performers.

Assistant Choreographers work with trained Dancers, and with Actors, to teach them the required steps and routines, and to ensure that continuity is maintained throughout productions.  Assistants may work with Choreographers to design the routines and to experiment in studios, before starting rehearsals with the performers. Alternatively, they may start work once Choreographers have designed the routines, and must learn the steps quickly so that they can assist in training performers.

If an Actor has to learn different dance styles, and a partner is required for rehearsals, and they may work with them as their dance partner in order to ensure that the routines match the Actor’s abilities and capabilities, and also so that the Choreographer can see how the routines look as they develop, and before scenes are shot.

Will I need a qualification?

You will need to be a qualified dancer.

How can I become the Assistant Choreographer?

Give Ms. Figg-Franzoi your resume and reason why you want to help.

Can I be in the show and Assistant Choreograph?

Heck Yes!!

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