What was my experience like in Acting 1 you may ask? By: Rachel Mortensen

What was my experience like in Acting 1 you may ask? Well let me just tell you it was more than thrilling.

I started my experience in Acting 1 off with a pantomime. My partner Alex and I decided to do our project on jump roping. In order to get a complete grade each of us needed to run into three problems and the audience needed to be able to identify them. Eventually after lots of practice we got to perform. Luckily, our problems were easily identified. Out of all the projects we did, I would have to say this one was the least exciting. This is mostly because every other project included talking.

The Parent Trap
The Parent Trap

Overall, if I were to pick a favorite part of this class, it would be the dialogues. My new partner Sara and I decided to do a 5 minute dialogue on a scene from my favorite movie the parent trap. Everyone knew this movie in the class so we had no choice, but to perfect it. I had a great time and I wouldn’t have chosen a different script even if I had the chance. I can still remember the whole script if I was made to repeat it, as long as Sara was at my side reciting her lines. Its kind of funny actually, I had my mom practice over the script with me and I couldn’t remember what came next some times because I was so used to hearing Sara say it. Sara and I ended up performing first and got an amazing reaction.

To me acting is a way of expressing yourself. Theater gives you that option. I love the idea of turning into someone else for a while and reacting in ways I may not actually act in real life. For example, when I did my monologue being Gossip Girl, I had to act very sassy and like I knew everything. Obviously I don’t, but Gossip Girl the character portrays a very ruling and brainy nature. Having to turn myself into another character, I had a blast. Theater was created for people to be able to express themselves. I believe theater can make people much happier, whether they are watching a play or actually in it. I enjoy performances and those who don’t should give it a second chance.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 2.53.18 PMMy final project in acting included a romance theme. My group and I are still at this moment working on editing it, but once we finish that we are done. I had a great time recording with my group, we all got along very well. There were some disagreements, but once we got through that we were able to continue what we were doing. The hardest part of the final project was definitely finding time to record everything. Many of the people in my group play sports, as well as I do. We had to work around these time schedules and find time to do things. Overall, I had an awesome time recording my final project.

So my opinion on acting? I would definitely recommend it for anyone getting the choice to do it.

Written By: Rachel Mortensen
3rd Trimester 2015
Acting 1 2nd Hour

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