Adventures in Tech Theatre By: Thomas Blaubach

IMG_1539My experience in tech theater has been a good one. I enjoyed learning about the different aspects of theater. My favorite part of tech theater was building the doors for the background of “Arabian Nights.” I liked constructing the doors with the different tools we learned how to use. It was great to know that our work was going to be used in theater. I was able to actually see my work in “Arabian Nights” as part of the background in the play.

My least favorite parts of the class were the workbook and face painting. The workbook was sometimes frustrating because a lot of the answers were not in the book. It was tedious to have to look up the terms and figure out what answer they were looking for. Also, I was not a fan of the face painting. I did not like how we had to put paint on our faces more than once. I think that after the first time, the face paint should be optional. I had a difficult, but fun time putting on the makeup for the animal.

IMG_1895Although I did not like the workbook and face paint, I enjoyed the lighting and sound unit. It was interesting to control the lighting board and watch the lights change on stage. I also enjoyed using Garageband to create sound for Shrek. My favorite part was walking on the catwalk. That was an unique opportunity. I will probably never get the chance to go up there again. I liked creating the canvas by using the different types of painting techniques. The costume research for Phantom of the Opera was interesting. I did not know how complex and thorough the research had to be. Although I did not fully understand the point of Phantom of the Opera, by the end of the research, I fully appreciated the time and thought that went into costume and design. I individually researched the character of Raoul. His clothing alone was complex and took a long time to fully research. It was a bigger project than I expected, but it helped me fully appreciate what has to be taken into consideration and what has to be researched before costumes can be created for a production. I learned that if the right amount of research is not done, the costumes can look out of date for the production. It was amazing to see how much effort and work goes into Broadway productions like Phantom of the Opera and Shrek. Everything from the music and sound effects, to costumes and scenery has to be down to a science before the production can begin.

IMG_2864I also took Acting 1 last year. I had fun in Acting 1, but I think I had more fun in Tech Theater. I feel like I learned more from Tech Theater than I did from Acting 1. Both classes were interesting and were a good time. Overall, my experience in acting and tech theater provided me with unique experiences I will probably not encounter for awhile.

Written By: Thomas Blaubach
3rd Trimester 2015
Tech Theatre

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