My Acting 1 Experience

Acting 1, it would be “an easy A” they said, “Ahh this class is a breeze” they said. As I walked into the black box I was super confident and thought to myself “Hey, I got this one in the (black) box”… But boy, was I wrong.

Our first project was to tell the class a few things about ourselves, which most people would think is easy because everyone loves talking about themselves, right? I remember I stood up and walked to the center of the class and I  completely froze for a good 3 seconds, because I was so afraid to speak in front of everyone! Overtime, however, I did start to get the hang of things and become more comfortable with the class. This is because everyday Mrs.Figg-Franzoi would start out the class with a quirky question such as “If you could swap out your arm in replace for something else, what would it be?” Most of the crazy sophomore boys would come up with something really funny.  This, and the many other outrageous games we would play such as “bippity, bippity, bop” really helped me get to know my classmates and warm up to everyone.

This class has taught me many things such as how to utilize my voice and movements, and how to speak publicly. Also, how to properly use props and the difference between them, and the different types of acting performances there are available such as pantomimes, monologues, dialogues, movie making and commercials. Making commercials was really fun because we go to work with a group and invent a brand that we wanted to endorse. Our group thought of the “anti-awkward earpiece” which is an earpiece that tells people what to say so they aren’t awkward. I liked this project (minus the 17 takes we had to take to get it all right) because we got to use GarageBand which I’m very familiar with.

My favorite project I did this year was the dialogue performance. A dialogue is a conversation between two or more people taken from a book, play, or movie. My partner Gavin and I chose a scene from “Finding Nemo” where we had to act like we were whale and we weren’t quite sure if it was going to eat us or not… don’t worry though, we made it out alive. When I did my monologue performance it was much more serious, so it was really fun to get a little out of my comfort zone with this piece and basically embarrass myself due to the fact I had to speak like a whale.

Acting is something I’ve always wanted to try and I am really grateful that they offer this class here at Homestead. So even though it wasn’t as easy as everyone said it would be It’s enabled me to get a really good feel for acting and the basics of it. I am a very artistic person, I love to dance, sing, play instruments and now I can add acting to the list! This class has been filled with lots of embarrassing moments and slip-ups but overall I’ve had many laughs and tons of fun along the way!

By: Ava Thorson
Acting 1
Trimester 1 2015

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