My Monologue- Sam Looft

I would say memorization is not my strong suit. In every class it’s always vocab this or this random guy’s name. But in acting, it kicks it up to a whole new level. Having to memorize a whole monologue or you’re part of a dialogue can be challenging, especially for an individual like myself. The first day walking into Acting 1 thinking man this will be a breeze, we are all sitting on the ground, everyone is by their friends, so I thought the class, no brainer, easy peezy.  But my assumptions were incorrect. After she went over the plan of that tri I thought okay I am a pretty good public speaker I could nail those performances down. I have said a couple of speeches and a poem or two, and I surprisingly don’t get the butterflies.  Then that first fateful day come upon us.

We were given the freedom to choose out monologue. Now we also found the difference between a speech and monologue. A speech is too many people, while monologue one maybe two. So while Jordan and Frank were arguing with Ms. Figg on whether their monologues are appropriate or even a monologue at all. I was sitting there thinking, where do I even find one? So I googled it, quote “Greatest monologues of all time.” And just like magic I found one. It was the bar seen from Good Will Hunting.  So being from one of my favorite movies I jumped on the chance. But while I was googling this I missed some directions I geuss. You had to score your script. This might be one of the most boring things ever to be thought of. It took so long and it had to be precise or else Mr. Figg won’t accept it. So that took me maybe two to three times to get right. Then I was on to the next daunting task of memorizing the whole monologue.

Luckily Mr. Figg is a benevolent teacher and gave us plenty of time, that just happened to not be used wisely. My class was full of what you would describe as “colorful personalities”. So these so called people were very distracting which held back my memorizing ability, which I had said was already lacking. Then a week past and suddenly I was performing in two days. Oh god it’s crunchtime. I am freaking out, this is such a huge assignment and I have two days to memorize pretty much the whole thing. Then my time comes, it’s judgement day. The day where I fly or fall, float or sink,  run or fall. I get up on the “stage” and I start. I believe I nailed my first half then, oh no, brain fart. So in a force of habit I mutter some unsavoury language under my breath. Of course my polite audience is being completely silent, so they hear every word. A couple of giggles emanating from the crowd makes me laugh and I am busted. But the show must go on and at the worst time I remember my line. I soldiered through and sat in my seat asap. I let out a sigh of relief knowing that I am done.  At the end of class I hear “Don’t forget to have a partner for your dialogue!”

By: Sam Looft
Acting 1
Trimester 1 2015-2016

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