My Final Film

Acting 1 has proved itself to being a fun elective. In Acting 1 you perform three different things, a pantomime, dialogue, and a monologue. While it can be quite nerve racking, it is a good way to get you more comfortable with performing in front of others. Other than performing in front of students, we had to complete radio and video commercials. These projects exposed us to working with iMovie and Garageband. As well as exposing us to working with these programs, it taught us all about different types of camera angles and shots and writing a script incorporating all of these. All projects in Acting 1 has taught us different things, from how to properly write a script to how to work a camera. All of these skills are incorporated to our final project, our final film.

For our final film, we were given three items we need to incorporate. A character, genre, and an object. My group got hitchhiker, a roll of film, and time traveling. While these three things proved to be a challenge, we managed to get it all incorporated into the film’s plot.

Writing the script was probably the hardest part. It was hard for everyone to work on the script, therefore usually only two people ended up working on it while the rest sat in silence. It was tricky coming up with a plot that everyone agreed with. We went through countless ideas before everyone comes to a consensus. Another thing that proved to be a challenge while writing the script was incorporating different camera angles and shots. It seems easy, but it was really tricky imagining how it would turn out once a camera was presented in front of us.

After finally finishing the script, we began filming. Filming was the most entertaining part of the whole project. It took us about three days to finish filming since characters were absent some days. While we had to go out in the cold a couple of times, it was fun having to film the scenes all around the school. We had to film dramatic, serious, and funny scenes. The scenes that were meant to be funny were really hard to film because everyone kept laughing way too hard. It’s safe to say staying on task was a bit of a struggle but we got everything done with time to spare.

Currently, we are in the process of editing the movie. This part is a little stressful as we only have the media imported so far and the entire movie is due in two days. However, luckily we have people in our group who know how to work with iMovie efficiently. This is probably going to be a fun process as we see our movie come together.

All in all, the final film is a fun project that encompasses skills acquired throughout the entire trimester. It is a good way to reflect on what we have learned throughout the class. As the trimester comes to a close I know I will be able to look back at my acting one class with great memories from projects like these.

Ivy Marruffo
Acting 1
Trimester 1 2015-2016

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