The cocky sophomore boy!

Once upon a time there was a sophomore boy named Julian Stechschulte. He was a confident young man. Going into Acting One he thought it would be a breeze. His friend’s had told him, “It is an easy A! You don’t even have to try!” Boy were his friends and himself wrong!

Right away with the first project he knew he was in for a long ride! The first project was performing a pantomime. He would have to act out a chore with no props just himself. This turned out to be very challenging for him because he had to imagine where everything was while at the same time making sure he doesn’t walk into a “wall.” So Julian decided to perform mowing the lawn. He knew he would have to practice a lot in order to get a good grade. Performance day finally came and boy was Julian a nervous wreck. So many different thoughts were going through his head,“What if I mess up?”, “What if I get a bad grade?”, “What are people going to think about me?”. It turns out he did really well on his pantomime and got a good grade. Julian learned a lot from this project, he learned you can send a message to the audience without using any words.

After one project, Julian’s thoughts on Acting One completely changed. His thoughts turned from “this class being a breeze” to “alright I need to start taking this class WAY more serious and start putting some time into these projects.” It turns out he really did start taking Acting One way more serious, and his grade reflected that.

The next project was creating radio commercials and a tv commercial. He did better than ever on this project, he didn’t just get a good grade he even received extra credit! He realized this class would not be as hard as a core class but he also knew he had to put some time in effort in to maintain a good grade.

Next came the most agonizing and frustrating project, in his opinion, in the whole class. The project was performing a monologue. With this project he had to memorize a monologue from a movie, tv show, play, etc: and act it out, without copying it from the actual performance. Did I mention he had to perform this BY HIMSELF!? This project includes all his worst skills! He was a nervous and frustrated mess! Get this, he had over two weeks to prepare and he was this nervous, can you imagine what he was like on performance day!!? Julian chose a monologue from one of his favorite movies, “The Hangover,” which helped him a lot because at least, for him, there was some enjoyment in this project. After over two weeks of preparing, performance day finally came. At first, shockingly he wasn’t that nervous. But as he got closer and closer to performing that is when the butterflies in his stomach and the sweat on his hands really started to show. After performing it turns out he did really well, not the greatest, but for a project he never had to do it his life it was a big success.

After taking a moment and reflecting on this project, Julian improved a lot on his public speaking skills. He improved basic skills like better eye contact with the audience and better clarity in his voice. He also improved on more complex skills such as incorporating movement during a speech (or in this case a monologue).

Next came, in his opinion the most fun project in Acting One, the dialogue. With this project he was able to pick a partner to work with and chose a dialogue (which is a conversation between two people) from a movie, tv show, play, etc: and again act it out, without copying it from the actual performance. Julian was not nearly as nervous as he was for the monologue because he was getting more comfortable with performing in front of an audience and with this project he knew he could have some fun with it. So Julian and his partner picked a dialogue from a “Key and Peele” skit, which in Julian’s opinion was a hilarious skit. Performance day finally arrived and Julian was nervous but again not nearly as he was for the monologue performance. When Julian received his grade he was flabbergasted on how great he did. It was a better grade than his monologue and just like with his monologue his presentation skills continued to improve.

Finally, we have reached the end of the trimester which means it is time to work on the final project. Julian was really excited for this project because he got to see all the skills he learned to the test. Julian and his friends created a magnificent film. Julian is really happy to see how his hard work and perseverance really paid off in not just this final film but in his final grade as well.

In conclusion, Julian experienced many ups and downs in Acting One. Whether it was his nervous breakdown before his monologue or receiving a fantastic grade on his dialogue. But in the end Julian pushed through and his grade reflects that. Just like how all fairy tales have a happy ending, you could say the same thing for Julian with his time in Acting One.

Julian Stechschulte
Acting 1
Trimester 1 2015-2016

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