Why Acting 1 is a “Must Take” Class

I can say with confidence that Acting 1 has been my one of my favorite classes I have taken yet at Homestead High School. Acting 1 allows students like me to be creative, interact with new people, and act like myself like no other class can, other than maybe Acting 2. The class starts with everyone introducing themselves like many other classes, but Acting 1 does it in a fun way through a game, ensuring that you know everyone’s name. After you’ve met everyone in the class, you begin doing some fun projects. These projects aren’t difficult unless you don’t prepare or put in enough effort. The projects include creating your own pantomime, or acting without words, making and filming your own commercial, presenting a monologue and dialogue, and the final project, your own short movie as well as many others. However, don’t get stressed out about these projects they’re designed to be enjoyable, and I have to admit, most of them are. For example, when my friend and I chose “The Wolf of Wall Street” dialogue to present to the class I think we would both agree that it was extremely fun to try and portray the actors we spent so much time watching, and to see if we could do just as good of a job acting as they could. Or another time when we had to create our own commercials with the group we were given. We had to come up with our own script, what would do while we were saying our lines, and making up our very own product that we would like to see made, real or non-real. Through working on countless presentations and projects like this in Acting 1 you learn very valuable social skills that other classes simply can’t teach. You learn how to interact as well as work well with others which will help you in other classes with presentations. These skills will also help you in the real world with making new friends. In addition, you get to be yourself and let your mind be creative. Not only is Acting 1 a great class to meet new friends, it’s also a very low stress environment. I remember half way through the trimester we spent some time doing “stress-free coloring” designed to help release tension through coloring. Now, how many other classes are doing that? Acting 1 is also an extremely enjoyable class that you can always look forward to coming to even you’re not having a good day. To conclude this post, Acting 1 is an essential class to take while attending Homestead High School. You learn to be yourself around others, learn to socialize and work well with other people, and just get a break from school with the friendly and stress free environment that Acting 1 presents. My acting class was extremely fun from the friends I had going into the class and the new friends I made leaving the class and I hope that yours is as well.

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Acting 1
Trimester 1 2015-2016

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