My Dialogue

Out of all the performances we had to do Acting 1, the dialogue was by far my favorite. I teamed up with Emma Rachum and together we did the dialogue, “Can I have Your Number?” I will tell you one thing, there were many laughs throughout this process.

For our second performance, you and a partner had to perform a scene from a movie, book, film, etc. It had to include blocking, motivated movement, and had to be over four minutes in order to get an A. We had about two weeks to chose our dialogue, practice it, and perform it. Halfway through practicing we had to prove to Ms. Figg that we were actually practicing by performing halfway through the dialogue. This helped in ensuring we were setting goals for memorizing. While the halfway performance was not seriously graded, it did provide us with a feel for actually performing it in front of people.

We chose the skit “Can I Have Your Number?” “Can I Have Your Number?” is a comedy skit originally performed by Madtv. We chose this skit because we were both familiar with it. It went viral a couple years ago. Knowing the skit made it a little easier in memorizing it, but it was still a challenge. Luckily, I got the easy role in the skit. I was the girl that Darell, the main character, was chasing. I had easy, relatively short, lines to memorize. On the other hand, my partner Emma chose being Darell. Memorizing his lines proved to be a challenge since he repeated a lot of words. Thankfully, blocking was easy to figure out since it was already a video. The original skit was set in a movie theater, therefore, we lined up a bunch of stairs as if we were in a movie theater.

While as I said earlier, memorizing was a little tricky, it was a blast to practice. Me and Emma went out to the fieldhouse lobby to practice. With about two weeks to memorize, we got to work quickly. Since the dialogue was originally a comedy skit, it was a lot of fun imitating the actors. My partner Emma did a really nice job in showcasing her character Darell. She managed to portray the character accurately, while still being funny. Overall, I would say preparing for this performance was the best part of this project.

Quickly, time came to perform in front of the class. We chose to do it the first day in order to ensure we didn’t forget lines. Honestly, I can say I was nervous to perform in front of the class. I was afraid I was not going to show enough facial expressions, or laugh, or even forget my lines. However, as soon as the performance began everything became easier. I knew my lines really well, as did Emma. I believed we did a really nice job performing. We stayed in character and didn’t forget a single line.

Overall, I can safely say this was my favorite performance in class. We had the freedom to pick a dialogue that we liked. As well as being able to pick your own partner. This ensured you would be paired up with a friend, making the performance more enjoyable. Performing was not a big as a challenge as we had plenty of time to practice lines and blocking. While every performance has been fun so far in acting 1, the dialogue is my personal favorite.

Ivy Marruffo
Acting 1
Trimester 1 2015-2016

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