The Comfort Zone

Acting is not my specialty, but I took it to see if I was up for the challenge. I wanted to see if I was able to go out of my comfort zone. As a senior, and being familiar with Homestead for four years made it a lot easier to feel comfortable standing on stage and performing acts. I was also able to ease the stress of performing live by changing the mood of the room and making my performance worth watching. However, it was still difficult to get over the fact of having to perform in front of a class of people I knew and did not know.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 8.23.31 AMTo begin, acts such as monologues and dialogues was were I had to go out of my comfort zone more than any of the other projects. The reason being was because both the dialogue and the monologue acts were live performances in front of the class. For everyone there is always a fear of making a mistake during a live performance which is usually what causes stage fright. I know I was not uncomfortable to the point of stage fright, but it was still a little uncomfortable. For me it was just the fact of having perform live in front of my friends and students I did not really know. Being ready for the monologue and dialogue, though, helped ease some of the stress of being in front of my classmates and performing. Realising that some of my classmates had the same issue also eased some of the stress.

In addition, making it easier to perform by practicing and being confident in my act was key. If I felt I had memorized and practiced my act enough I was almost anxious to get it over with. Having fun with the act also made me stop worrying so much about performing in front of the class. For example, I would add funny props or funny lines within my act to alleviate the mood of the room. So rather than the mood of the room being serious and boring I made the mood of the room amusing. For example, I did a the
Step Brothers interview scene as a dialogue. Some of the content in it was inappropriate for class. To make it acceptable I had to change the lines making them funnier and more amusing to ease the stress of performing. Personally, for me, making my monologue and dialogue funnier was my way of dulling the stress. However, it depends on the student’s personality that will make the stress lesser. Some students like to make the props and act more serious to help focus a little more. Whether it is a funny or serious act it depends on the student to become more confident with his or her material.

Overall, Acting One has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone. I picked up many tips and tricks that I will use in the future because they assisted me when I was in an uneasy situation. It also taught me to resolve being in uncomfortable situations. In my case I resolved feeling uncomfortable on stage by making the mood funny and amusing.

Written by: Ricky West
Acting 1
Trimester 1 2015

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