What is a pantomime? And what was mine like?

A pantomime is one of the many projects we do in acting 1. A pantomime is an act usually in theatrical form that uses invisible objects to display a drama or just an act in general. In our pantomime you had to have three problems. Because we had to have three problems it made this project pretty hard and stressful. I just had an idea but then I just could not come up with three problems. I thought of driving a car but then I just could not come up with three problems. I was thinking bowling but once again I could not come up with something interesting. I was thinking that I was just going to fail the project. Then I thought about cheating on a test. I figured I could come up with three problems for this. I struggled to come up with problems for this. I would try to come up with problems and my actions that I was going to do every single day in study hall. After struggling a lot I realized I’ve cheated on tests many times before and remembered all the possible problems that could go wrong and what I would do to cheat on the test. Then the possible problems clicked. I get caught looking at someones paper of course then talk my way out of it saying I did not do it and such. Then I have to where to look because I can not see anyone’s paper so I go to the pencil sharpener “Sharpen my pencil” and look at someones paper then go back to my desk and quickly jot all of the answers down. Another problem I thought of was I fall by tripping and hit my head so I wouldn’t remember as much and my solution was to make my head feel better by taking advil but that only caused the pain to go away it didn’t make me remember the stuff I forgot. Still the problems I had still did not complete my skit I needed actions before every problem to make my pantomime complete. So still I tried to remember what I do when I take a test. Well I know I need a desk of course so I set up an actual visible physical desk. This set up the whole scene and I could base everything off that desk like where the pencil sharpener was where the people next to me were and a lot of other little things. Everything was kind of stressful in general but once I finally had my scene and all the parts put together then i practiced it and perfected every thing. Then I needed a song to go with the pantomime. I looked up something up along the lines of “Songs about cheating on a test” the song couldn’t have been any more perfect. After putting my whole script together and practiced it, it just seemed so good. I practiced and practiced and I actually had fun with this project and all the stress was gone. When it was time to perform I was ready and ended up getting a really good grade on the project. This is my story of what the pantomime was like.

Kai Newman
Acting 1
Trimester 1 2015-2016

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