Most fun Class By: Kaylyn Goddard

There probably isn’t a class at Homestead that is nearly as fun as Acting 1. There is so much to do and so many interesting things to learn without ever falling into a coma induced by boredom. I chose to take acting because I have always fantasized about being in movies and the possibility of becoming an actress. I always wanted to become as good an actress as those who star in my favorite movies and T.V. shows. This desire motivated me to attend a summer drama camp for three consecutive  years, which was a super fun and exciting experience. I heard from a few of my closest friends that Acting 1 was the best class they had taken. They would talk about how much fun they had and all of the projects they did in class. How could I not take the class myself after hearing all my friends had to say about it? Now that I have taken the class, I love how I was given the opportunity to be somebody else, act differently, and build confidence. In this class I have enjoyed getting to know other students and learning many different aspects of acting. I would have to say that I most enjoyed the  monologues, the radio commercials and the movie project.

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 6.35.14 PMDoing the monologue really helped me to build confidence; normally I wouldn’t have been comfortable enough to speak for that long in front of a whole class. For my monologue I chose to perform a part from the movie Clueless. The part was spoken by the main character, Cher, and was basically her reflecting on the stuff that was not going quite the way she expected. She is frustrated about her friend Tye and how she had a huge crush on Cher’s stepbrother, Josh. After reflecting on these things she realizes that she is in love with Josh and that is why she was so upset with Tye. Other than the monologue, the radio commercials, for me, were really fun to do. I loved how we could edit the commercials with sound effects and change the sound of our voices if we wanted to.

At the end of the trimester, making the final film was also very fun, yet a bit stressful. For me, it was a lot of work incorporating all of the film shots in the script and getting all of the filming done on time. But overall it was a blast. My group got Nick Van Drisse as our character, a pen for our prop, and adventure as our genre. Adventure isn’t the easiest genre to work with unless you mix it with sci-fi and/or other genres. In the end my group managed to figure out a plot and even a plot twist. The characters of our film other than Nick were Kylee and Peggy. I was Peggy, but I wish I wasn’t because Peggy is extremely creepy and dresses weird. Hopefully Peggy’s weirdness is all worth it in the end.

Now the year is over and I have successfully completed the class. I have learned so much about theatre that I did not know before. I even learned new things that I didn’t learn at drama camp like the history of theatre, stage directions, and how to write an acceptable script. And finally as a bonus, my memorization skills have greatly improved after having to memorize my monologue, my dialogue, and my final film lines.

Written By: Kaylyn Goddard
3rd Trimester 2015
Acting 1 Hour 3

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