What is tech theatre? Is it fun? Is it easy? by: Allie Beckers

In my opinion, Tech Theatre’s class description needs to be updated and include everything us tech theatre scholar’s do because it doesn’t even scratch the surface of our accomplishments:

Working with the Miter saw
Working with the Miter saw

Our first unit was the construction unit where even the “keep me 100 feet away from any power tool type” and the “Brush my hair between class periods type” mastered the techniques of the electric drill and the treacherous Miter Saw with its potential to take a limb if not careful, and THAT is pretty life changing if you ask me. But us “Bob the builders” didn’t stop there. No. After we went through the process of using pretty B.A electric tools, we started to build our own set to be a part of the Spring Production, Arabian Nights. Now this was cool.  Tech Theatre allows students who are too busy to be in Stage Crew to actually help build part of the set in a production. This was personally my favorite unit because I have always wanted to contribute to the theatre but I have always been too busy. Watching the play, it’s like, “Yeah, see that? I built that. And I kept all body parts in tact.”

Painting the set
Painting the set

Our second unit was sound. Sounds boring, but that’s where you’re wrong. Tech Theatre marched through the halls, searching for sounds, climbed stairs, searching for sounds…and that was pretty much it. Just kidding, I haven’t gotten to the best part yet. We watched Shrek the Musical!! I think Shrek alone is incentive for taking this course. After we examined the sound of Shrek, well almost all of us- there are always those few in the back that fall asleep and don’t really appreciate the beauty of Shrek. So after we watched the famous Shrek, we created our own sound design on Garage Band of a scene from the musical and recreated it. That. Was. Epic.

But if you thought Shrek was cool, The Phantom of the Opera came next! Woowee was that a production. The soundtrack to that musical legitimately can leave you with tears in your eyes. So anyway, we took the costumes from that play, and transformed them into our own! This was awesome because we could make the costumes into what we wanted them to be through the time period and researched all about the era of the production. So basically you are taking history class too. Unless of course you don’t like History…than I am here to tell you there is absolutely no history.

IMG_0170And finally, lights..lights..lights. All of the lights in here baby, extra bright I want y’all to see this! Picture this: the auditorium is dark. You’re standing in the very top row inside the lighting room and you gaze down on the stage and get to choose whatever lights you want to create into a beautiful set.

And that my friends should be the class description of “What is tech theatre, and what do you do in that class? Is it fun? Is it easy?” If anyone asks you, interrupt them and say, “Just read the blog.”


Written by: Allie Beckers
3rd Trimester 2015
Tech Theatre Class

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