An Eye Opening Experience By: Sam Brink

My "Couple" Doors
My “Couple” Doors

Theatre has become an eye opening experience for me. My first acting class allowed me to share my thoughts and ideas in a creative manner that did not involve pencil and paper. Projects such as the pantomime, the monologue, etc. have pushed my boundaries and allowed me to blossom into a more flamboyant and outgoing student.

While the aforementioned acting adventures expanded my outer being, the tech theatre class at Homestead manufactured knowledge-based growth in my inner being. I have come to realize that there is so much more to theatre than acting and human interaction. The stage has to be presentable, the lights have to be set perfectly, the scene has to display the true essence of the play, etc. The people who perform these treacherous tasks often go unnoticed in the grand scheme of things.

They were attacked with a hammer, splattered with dirt (brown paint), and scratched by flying debris (metal washcloth).

As a tech theatre student I received the opportunity to aid in the development of the Homestead theatre department. The most memorable addition has to be the creation of the background for the play Arabian Nights. My peers and I created intriguing doors to be used in the backdrop. We morphed our doors into a happily married couple. With a wheel, a PVC pipe mouth, and a fake beard hairdo, the “man” was paired with an even more strange “female” door. His wife was created with stove tops for eyes, a pillow for a nose, and metal handles for a mouth. After the couple had been finished, they had to struggle through a terrible storm. They were attacked with a hammer, splattered with dirt (brown paint), and scratched by flying debris (metal washcloth). After the doors were weathered, they were all set up side by side. I attended the play Arabian Nights and it was a great experience to see my and my peers’ hard work. Although all of my classmate’s doors looked great, the doors with faces on them stood out as the most beautiful.

4G7A8734In addition to adding to the scenic design, we also worked on many other theatre related ordeals. One of the most intriguing was the make-up unit, in which we used make-up and face paint to drastically change our appearances. I was transformed into an old man, a lion, and a young man with a bolt protruding through my left arm. With a combination of highlight and shadow, after a heavy layer of foundation of course, my facial complexion was altered immensely. Seeing myself as an old man will be a memorable moment for me, and a moment that I will look back on when I am actually seventy years old.

Although the aforementioned projects comprised a long time spent in tech theatre, we did not simply build doors and put on make-up. Our class also learned more complex and intricate aspects of theatre, which include lighting and sound. These units may not have been the most physically engaging, however, they are integral aspects of theatre. Tech theatre was an awesome and engaging experience for me and I recommend it for anyone who enjoys having a good time!    

Written By: Sam Brink
3rd Trimester 2015
Tech Theatre Class

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