Best Fine Art Credit By: Jeremiah Howard

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 10.19.01 AMEnrolling in Acting 1 was the greatest decision I made this trimester. I really had fun in this class. Ms. Figg-Franzoi was a great teacher this Trimester and I’m glad she was my teacher. I don’t think that I will pursue Acting 2 next year because I am not that good of an actor as I thought, but if I work on it I think I would take Acting 2 senior year.

The first project we did was a pantomime. I had the absolute pleasure of working with Jack Lyneis who I would say is really talented. Our pantomime was about this guy trying to prank or scary me but it wouldn’t work until the last time he tied my shoes laces together. The pantomime probably was my favorite of all the projects. The next project we did were radio commercials. I really didn’t like the radio commercials for some odd reason. I also didn’t like how we had to score our four scripts for the radio commercials because it was pretty hectic. The radio commercials were really easy though.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 10.16.46 AMThe next project we did was Monologues. I loved the monologues because I found a really good one. I chose a monologue from Malice which was really fun to read. I did great because I got an A on it. The dialogue was as well the same as the monologue because we have to find a script and memorize it and everything else. The only difference was that we did it with a partner in front of class. The final Project was fun to film and come up with. I wish Ms. Figg-Franzoi would have picked groups but I had a very lovely group. The film schedule was excellent for me because we were able to do most of the filming at school and nowhere else because I live in Milwaukee not in Mequon. I was the waiter in the film and did a fantastic job as a waiter.  I really liked playing that part because it was so easy to do.

In conclusion acting was really fun for me. I had great experiences with some of the other students, and we played games that were actually fun and we also had a little laugh for the class. I really do recommend this class to anyone looking for a fine art credit.

Written By: Jeremiah Howard
3rd Trimester 2015
Acting 1 Hour 2

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