Spring Play Workshops: Peter Pan

They are finally here! Peter Pan Workshops for our Devised Theatre Project.

Wednesday February 24 3:00-6:00pm
Thursday February 25 3:00-6:00pm
Friday February 26 3:00-6:00pm
Saturday February 27 8:00am-Noon
Monday February 29 3:00-6:00pm

Where? The Auditorium and Black Box! 

push-physical-theater-buffalo-nyIf you come to ALL FIVE workshops and stay the ENTIRE TIME, you will automatically be cast in the spring show!!! Congrats!

With this series of workshops, I hope to delve into the story of Peter Pan and create the world of Neverland with you all. With a week for playing, we will create some physical theatre pieces for the Star-Warriors, Lost Boys, Pirates, and more!  For those of you who don’t know, I, Amelia Figg-Franzoi, am writing a new version of Peter Pan for HHS’s Spring Play.  This production is also my Masters Thesis.  I am currently taking classes to receive my MFA in Dance at the end of May.  Peter Pan is the culmination of my work with UW-Milwaukee.  For more information on my version of Peter Pan, check out the blog dedicated to this piece.

frantic assembly london

Peter Pan is going to be a cross of a written play with lines and a devised project.  Some scenes will be created with you! You will write lines, create dances and characters.  You will help tell the story.  In a devised project the beginning of the process is only in the random imaginations of each company member…YOU.  Acting for devised theatre requires more from the actor taking part than the interpretation of a well-known role.  Actors will need to be comfortable with improvisation; think quickly on their feet and be ready to try out ideas, no matter how outlandish.  You will need to work in a variety of different ways and styles, some of which may be familiar and some may not (dance, aerial, mime, etc.)  But for a committed actor, working in devised theatre will be one of the most creative experiences you will have as a performer.

inweb11However; be warned – devised theatre is not for those who want to play lead parts with fantastic amounts of lines.  It is, more than any other type of theatre, about being part of a team.  From the moment you step into these workshops, the director will be assessing the way that you work with others, how you play with ideas and how quickly you can turn an idea into a piece of theatre.  Because of this, the director might start casting people from the workshops and not wait to fill all parts during the auditions.

DV8_Joy Constantinides_Photographer_Gergoe NagyThere are at least 30 speaking roles in this fantastical play, each I adore and I hope you will fall in love with them as well. Besides the speaking roles, there will be any number of non-speaking roles who will dance and be fairies, shadows, and wild beasts.  Enjoy yourself from the moment you walk through the door.  Be as open as you can and rather than worrying about whether you are going to get the part, put yourself 100 percent into any situation you may be given.

If you can’t be at all five workshops do not worry or fret, everyone still has to audition for a part. 

March 3rd or 4th 3:00-6:00pm

So re-cap…
1. The Peter Pan Workshops are Feb 24-29
2. We will be learning about the play, experimenting with characters, and creating the Peter Pan world.
3. If you can attend all the workshops you are able to partake in the show as a character.
4. Roles might be assigned during the workshops
5. If you can’t attend all the workshops, you can still audition for the play in March for a chance to be in it.
6. If you attended all the workshops, you still have to audition for the play in March.

If you have questions (which will probably happen) please contact me:
or via facebook as Homestead Teatro
Visit our Facebook page for more information: Homestead High School Drama Club

Please Note:  The roles of Peter Pan, Wendy, Michael, John, Tinkerbell and Tigerlily have already been filled

3 thoughts on “Spring Play Workshops: Peter Pan

  1. This is just the type of collaborative example I’ve been looking for! Exciting stuff! If it’s OK I would like to feature some your comments in an upcoming post on designing and creating.

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