My time in Acting 1

By: Peter Raimann
2nd Trimester Acting 1

My time in acting 1 was very meaningful and unique. I learned a wide array of topics and techniques throughout each unit.  What I enjoyed the most were the dialogues. Not only did I feel proud after accomplishing the piece, but that I now can recite it by heart and I appreciate that because it is one of my all-time favorite movie lines. My contribution to it, I feel, was important because the character I portrayed is the protagonist, throughout. I did not favor the radio commercial unit, though.

If we are acting out in reality, so to say, then I see no need for this unit. I would prefer to see the actor/actress in live view. I may see this useful someday as a radio host, you never know. On the other hand, learning about stage position/configurations (up, down, back, etc.) was a good interactive lesson. There’s also the aspect of knowing where not to stand and what that entails. For example, in a certain production you may want to portray the character a specific, certain way, but if you do not have well recited blocking movements, up stage right or any of those, than the audience may take it for a different action than what was desired, thus leading to an unfortunate mistake in what was to be a good play. Sorry. Therefore, practice.

In addition, we also learned about the many techniques used to fully display a character from a production. For example, when scoring a script, you make certain markings which may mean, speak louder, use a soft, quiet voice, raise your voice as your line reads on, and many more. Next, I enjoyed the final film exam project. I had the character of Bailey Boophigle, a controversial, “psychotic” physical education teacher, whose style is that of a Russian fitness instructor, who will be retiring at the end of the school year. With the impending retirement, the local news team is given the grand opportunity to interview him and learn of his extreme teaching ways. It’s one film you won’t regret viewing. Incredible. After viewing “Beauty and the Beast”, I learned in “full swing” what the theatre and acting truly means. It’s displayed many aspects of what we learned in acting 1, all in one 2-hour sequence of well-done acting and performances. In the end, acting 1 was a class that I actually enjoyed due to the units we learned and worked on. It was quite fun because of the people I worked with and who were in the class. The instructor was fabulous and made acting/theatre, to me, an enjoyable topic of discussion. From the scripts we scored, the plans we devised for blocking and an all around camaraderie, was what made this class fun, meaningful and a real insight into what a theater and acting production needs for a successful outcome. And finally, I would like to thank Ms. Figg for a wonderful experience during this trimester of my senior year.

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