Acting 2: Clue

4G7A9839During my acting 2 career I had many fun times and a lot of good memories were made.  One memory that really stuck to me was when we put on our final exam for everyone to see.  The whole process of learning our lines and shouting at each other was a great time all together.  When we were first picking what play we were putting we all had a good laugh at all the selections that were silly.  We spent a whole class period searching netflix for a show or movie that we were going to put on.  We wanted something interesting, but also we wanted to make our audience laugh a little.  We finally decided on putting on a performance of the movie Clue.  So after we decided to put it on we first all had to watch the movie to get the jist of it.  

4G7A9847Ms. Figg being the wonderful teacher she is brought in soda for us to get cavities with.  And this is where one of my fondest memories occurred. I was pouring myself a nice glass of coca-cola when I spilled it all over the floor.  This is where Reece, a fellow classmate, came to the rescue with his trusty towel that he wears around his neck.  He took it off and helped me clean up the spill really quickly.  Now you might be thinking, “His towel is now wet. How will he still wear it,”  Reece had this thought through. He then whipped out his backup towel and continued on with his day. This really made my day and made me want to commit to making our play good as Reece was our director.  

So the weeks went on and we learned our lines, sort of, and got our blocking done, kind of.  Then it came time for dress rehearsals.  These were a little more tedious than our previous rehearsals because the costumes that we were really in the movie Clue and made it feel as though we could not mess up. After all the dress rehearsals we were finally ready to put on the real thing.  

Our first day of the showing no one came.  It was kind of funny so we put on the play for our Jewish friend Zaq Ginkel.  Now Zaq Ginkel was another great memory from acting 2 even though he was not in our class. He was assigned Ms. Figg’s room for study hall and he made the class ten times better than what it was.  Though he was not part of our class every time someone was absent he would play their role and do it with more passion than anyone else here.  We even put him in our performance in the end.  He was a cop, cop #3 to be exact.  He did a very nice job of arresting all of us in the end of the show.  Overall my experiences in acting 2 were far from boring and I always had a good time especially when we performed in front of an audience in the end.  

9/10 – Julius Kellner
Acting 2
2nd Trimester, 2016

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