Jack Finney on Acting 1

In this class I did a dialogue with my friends Jacob Miller and Jonathan Howard. We did the SNL skit that was a presidential debate between Vice President Al Gore and George W. Bush. I was the moderator, Jim Lehrer. We had a lot of words and blocking to memorize. When we performed this we got a 73/72. I will now tell you about how we achieved this.  The reason we managed to get 73/72 is because we earned extra credit. You could earn extra credit from bringing in props and costume to enhance your performance. We also got some extra credit from having a longer dialogue which was 4 minutes 34 seconds. The dialogue had to be at least 4 minutes and and an extra 2 points for every 30 seconds over 4 minutes.  The props we decided to use were ties and water bottles. Sometimes we overused the water bottles and used them unnecessarily. We used a chair for me the moderator and stands for Jonathan (Al Gore) and Jacob Miller (George W. Bush). I think we used them very well so it looked like a real debate.

When we were practicing our lines we learned them very fast. We just read them over and over until we had them memorized. This led us to be able to start practicing our blocking sooner than other groups. Some of our lines we found quite boring and we had to change them to be more entertaining.

When were were doing practice tests to Ms. Figg-Franzoi I got 15/15 on both. I spent time at home practicing my lines with my brother. He read out George W. Bush’s lines and Al Gore’s, then I read my own. I practiced everyday in class and almost every day at home.

I found the dialogue easier to do than the monologue because I had cues from other people’s lines to remember my own. By the end I also knew all my lines and Jonathan’s and Jacobs’s because I had heard them so much. I was not even meaning to learn them it just happened.

In our performance we also had a timed introduction which added to the time of the dialogue. We tried to add some humour into it and I think it worked very well. I had watched the presidential debate on youtube which really helped me get into my character, which words to emphasise and learn good facial expressions.

I still remember all the lines from the dialogue weeks after we performed. I think I will remember it for a long time because I learned it so well. I found this very enjoyable experience because i think being an actor would be a great job.
I really like the way it was structured because we had a few days to find our dialogue and which groups we would be in, we then began to practice our lines and scored our scripts. We then did tests for halfway and full way memorized and then performed our final dialogue.

By: Jack Finney
Acting 1
2nd Trimester, 2016

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