Acting 1 – Jacob Miller

The first time I walked into the black box theatre I had very low expectations. I had never taken an acting class before, but I needed a fine arts credit and the drawing teacher seemed like someone I wouldn’t get along with. So I walked into the black box a little bit after class had begun and saw one person that I knew, but I didn’t really like that person all that much so I just sat down in a random spot. The teacher seemed pretty cool. She said to write down an adjective, or verb that describes us as people or something that we do on a piece of paper with our name. I picked jumping because I had no idea what to put and someone said that’s what I should put. A lot of people had humorous words like killer kelly, and tri-sarah-tops, then three kids had the same word, kooky, I thought that was hilarious. I thought that the class would be pretty fun. Then I found out most of the class was freshman, and my expectations dropped hard again. Despite that, I found that it was a fun class. The best part of the class, had to be when we exploring backstage on the second or third day.

There were 10 of us. We were walking through the backstage area and had gotten away from the majority of the group. We had gone into the pit, where it was pitch dark and messed around down there for about 10 minutes. When we came out of the pit and were walking back to stage we came across something peculiar. A fire-extinguisher. It looked as if it had been used previously, there were no tags or labeled. Because it wasn’t mounted on the wall, or labeled, and looked used, I thought it was a prop. I picked it and pushed the handle down slowly. Nothing happened. Then I picked it up off the floor and aimed it at Dylan Benson, who had his back turned to me, I shouted “Dylan, you’re on fire!” He turned to look at me when I pulled the handle down, thinking nothing would come out. I was wrong. I blasted him with Extinguisher fluid and air, he fell down. I was stunned something came out of the extinguisher, so I dropped it and ran away.

I think that, that one experience on the second or third day of acting sums up the entire tri pretty well. A bunch of us kids would fool around and do a bunch of stupid stuff on a daily basis.  One time this one goofy goober even flipped a table during his monologue, that was pretty funny too.

By: Jacob Miller
Acting 1
2nd Trimester, 2016

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