Directing and Teamwork by: Cole DeStefanis


Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 8.16.15 AMI am Cole DeStefanis, a junior at Homestead high school and I’m in a class called Acting two.  This class is fun to be apart of, the atmosphere is great. I look forward to acting everyday even if Ms. Figg-Franzoi yelled at my group the day before.

I enjoy how our class has so many different people who I really have never talked to before. We also have a number of funny people and very good actors which makes our class so fun to be in. I can’t say that I am much of an actor but I must say it is fun to direct and be an actor.

I wanna talk about my directing experience. I was one of the last people in the class to direct so I had to direct a third of the class. You would say that seems pretty hard and yea I would agree, but on top of that I had the most off topic guys in my group. I can honestly say that it was impossible just to start practicing our play because people would be gone and some people would be on their phones. I’m not trying to tattle on them, but it usually took us awhile to get started some days. I directed a part of “The League,” it is a TV show about this group of guys, their lives, and their fantasy football league. My group consisted of Jake, Colin, Logan, Eric, Garrett, Justin. This group of guys were really funny together and enjoyable to work with. Although some days we didn’t work very hard, we were able to put on a great show for our Acting two class. Ms. Figg said it was the “Most energetic play that she’s seen in class so far.”  

I would also like to talk about my final play, “The Office,” that we were assigned to put on for our final exam. I’m in a group with: Jake W as Michael, Jack as Dwight, Eric as Stanley, Trevor as Creed, Justin as Jim, Garrett as Angelo, Zvi as Kevin, Jake T as Holly, Abbi as Pam. Now although our group got off to a very bumpy start I think we have rebounded very well. I would say the hardest part of this acting experience would be remembering my bigs lines and remembering which part is which.

I will admit it is a little fun to call myself an actor, I just wish I was better at it. It’s fun to be in the group that I am in because we help each other but we also make a lot of jokes and it’s fun to laugh with my group. I hope by the end of all this practicing that our play will be better than the other half of the class’ play, “Suite Life of Zack and Cody.” I hope that I will do well in my play so I don’t let my classmates down.

Written by: Cole DeStefanis

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