Acting 2 Fights.. A lot By: Emma Zander

Today, somebody asked me what we do in Acting 2; I asked why she wanted to know.

“The Office” arguing about acting styles

“I saw the fight on Snapchat, was that real?”



“We fight… a lot.”

It sounded strange. After all, we’re just like any other 70 minute-ish class held at Homestead. Except we’re not. In Acting 2, as well as all other fine arts classes at Homestead, we go through the grueling process of making art. Whether it be pottery, a play, a symphony, a choral selection, or a painting, art is difficult to breathe life into. Making art is not simple. It’s an art in itself.

“Suite Life” Director unsure of actor’s costume choice…

Over this spring, I (along with 40 or so other students) witnessed our teacher (Ms. Figg-Franzoi) make a show she wrote herself come to life on stage in a full production. It took countless hours of her work and ours, but we did it together. Did she yell at us? Yes. Did we yell at her? Yes. But those small conflicts sparked genius, truly. Some of the very best scenes came from small groups working together, sorting through all the different ideas and then choosing/modifying the one they collectively liked the best. Furthermore during Beauty and the Beast, the vast majority of scenes with lead roles were created by themselves. It’s amazing to see what young actors can do together. So of course we argue.

How would our show get better without conflict? It wouldn’t. Some of our smaller disagreements consist of individuals voicing their opinions and others not listening or even ignoring the individual. It’s important to give everyone a voice in the group no matter what. The only good way to collaborate is giving everyone equality in the cast; then nobody will feel like they’re insignificant. It’s true that there is no such thing as an insignificant member of a production.

All in all, fighting is important to art! So, embrace it!

Written by Junior: Emma Zander

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