Why everyone should come see The Office by:Colin Cassens

Written By: Colin Cassens

IMG_9972The Office has always been one of the most popular shows on television and is still recognized by many as one of the funniest shows they have seen, and the “Weight Loss” double episodes from season five are known to be some of the funniest episodes. The Office: Weight Loss Episodes 1 & 2 will be premiering second hour on May 31st, but you will have a second chance to come see it on June 6th, also during second hour.

It features an energetic cast of Juniors and Seniors, featuring Jake W. as Michael Scott, the wacky and often offensive regional manager, and Daniel Zvi as Kevin Malone, as well as many of your other friends. We have added some interesting changes to one of the best double episodes The Office ever had to make it suitable for the stage, although we left most of the plot in tact. In these two episodes, Dunder Mifflin Corporate office has put on a competition to see which branch can lose the most weight with a prize of five much needed extra vacation days, Angelo is overthrown as head of the party planning committee, and Pam goes to art school where she is very homesick and misses Jim. MC Michael Scott and DJ Jazzy Flax will be making an unexpected appearance that will be sure to shock you. There are many other antics, and even some emotional moments, that happen in these episodes that you won’t want to miss. There are some pivotal times in some of the characters lives in our play, Kevin going for a walk being the least exciting.

It is a very funny play done by a cast that has worked very hard together to put on a show that is a great representation of one of our favorite TV shows. We spent a lot of time working on how our play would be set up to make it the most enjoyable for the audience, using lighting and scene development. Doing this play taught the actors to learn how to act in roles where most of them already had a preconceived notion of what the character is like. This created a challenge since we needed many of the characters to be totally different than they are in the actual show, and it taught the actors how to create their own character on stage and created a much better performance. Many of the people in our group have become much better actors and have been great taking the criticism of our peers to develop a better play. As the director, I learned a lot about keeping people together through fights and times when we might not want to work as hard as we have had to. We all had a great time putting it together and every one of us learned a lot from each other about the show, about acting, and about having fun and getting along with different types of people, although it was a lot of hard work. It will be a great show so get out of class and come see it next Tuesday.

“The Office”

May 31st and June 6th

2nd Hour

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