The Group Dynamic of putting on an Acting 2 Play

Written By: Colin Cassens

Topic: The Group Dynamic of putting on an Acting 2 Play

Working with the great group that I got to direct for Acting was a fun experience although it presented many difficulties that were unexpected. We were putting on The Office: Weight Loss episodes One & Two. My group consisted of Daniel Zvi as Kevin, Jake W. as Michael, Jake T. as Holly, Eric Mullins as Stanley, Garrett Mitman as Angelo, Cole De Stefanis as Oscar, Jack Q. as Dwight, Trevor S. as Creed, Abby Passey as Pam, Justin Albright as Jim, and myself as the director. The first challenge that we encountered when putting on the play was that we had nowhere near enough actors to fill all of the roles in the episode that we wanted to do, so we were forced to consolidate many of the roles into other characters to create a story that made sense with the number of actors that we had. This forced us to get rid of a few of the scenes that wouldn’t make sense with the character changes.

We then realized that we had way too many male actors for the number of male roles, and only one female actor for around 5 female roles. To solve this problem we had to get rid of some more of the female roles, and also make some of the male actors cross dress.  Our roles were fluid for around the first week as we were discovering who would fit better in certain roles. This created a whole new feel to a very popular and funny show.

As soon as we got to the step of starting to practice we started to experience friction in the group. We had a lot of days where people were gone or just didn’t want to work, but we just had to push through and keep working hard to get everyone to know the entire play on time. We often experienced trouble with group members having problems with each other. Two group members often argued furiously about which was better at basketball. One of our group members even stole another one’s boyfriend, which of course created a ton of drama, slowing down our production. Other problems we experienced included people getting off task or using their phones while we were trying to practice and completely missing a line or not being ready when their lines come up.

But, despite all of the hard work we had to do, and all of the struggles that we endured as a group, this project brought us closer together so that we now have the ability to criticize each other and be honest about what we think without others being offended. In my opinion, I couldn’t have a better group then the hard working, easily distracted, and fun people that I got to work with on this play. We had a great time doing some of our favorite episodes from a classic show and all of the hard work is paying of quickly.

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