The Office-First Performance

Written By: Daniel Zvi
Acting 2-Hour 2

Damiel Zvi playing Kevin

No, we didn’t blow up. The lighting was a bit off and Jake might have skipped a couple lines, but in the end, we didn’t blow up. Speed round. Eric and I wore fat suits, Timm wore a dress, we forgot to bring the bar out, we ate too much cake, I commented on Trevor’s ass, Jack spoke 3 octaves lower than he should have, Jake got mad at me for taking a bite of his sandwich, Garrett, Jack, and Cole pretended to be gay, so did I for a little, and Figg laughed really loudly when nobody else did. All in all, I’d say that, for our first performance, it was a success.

4G7A5652We have been putting about 85% effort into this play, The Office, for about a month and a half now. At first, we thought it was gonna be easy. We ran through the first 3rd of the play no problem. People, for the most part, remembered their lines and the blocking was fairly easy. After that, a whole lot of it went down hill. Abbi didn’t remember her lines until the last dress rehearsal, Quinlevan just didn’t show up that day, and we all kind of freaked out. Coming in for a 2nd hour the day of Senior Skip day kind of sucked too, but Colin and I got over it.

4G7A5613So let’s get back to the first performance. One of the lines in our play has a slight, if not very obvious, reference to special needs. Nothing offensive, but Kevin responds to a comment Holly makes by asking if she thinks he’s mentally challenged. Well, today, right before we were about to go on for our first real show, we found out that the Adaptive P.E. class was coming to watch. Their attendance was much appreciated, but the changing of the script was definitely a last minute scare. We got through it alright though, and honestly, I’d say it was pretty seamless.

I’ve done a couple performances before. I was never a First Stage kid or anything, but at the camp I go to, the older kids in camp do musical every session. The pressure is even a little harder because at camp, you only have like 2.5 weeks to perfect blocking, lines, and singing. For the last play I was in at camp, summer after my freshman year, I was Daddy Warbucks in Annie. If I’m being honest, it was pretty fun. So what was hard about this play wasn’t necessarily remembering lines, it was definitely more a matter of working with kids who I thought had no reason NOT to remember their lines. Our director, Colin, didn’t really do much. Nice guy, just not a great director. He kind of slacked in the whole ‘directing’ area and just sat back, watched us figure it out, and ate his sandwich. Every once in awhile he’d offer mediocre directions telling us to do stuff we already knew to do.

I’ll just say this, even with the pressure, bad actors, bad directors, and the occasional forgetting where we were supposed to be, the first performance went well and nobody blew up.


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