From Doubt to a Newfound Confidence

Written By: Lizzi Stendler
Acting One 

“You must present it in front of the class,” These words used to haunt me. The day I decided to take Acting One was a very questionable and controversial day. I had put a lot of thought into whether I should pursue this course because in all honesty, I was afraid I had to perform in front of people. In reality, most teenagers have this exact same fear and because of it don’t pursue acting at all within their lifetime. Nevertheless, choosing to do Acting was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Walking into my first day of Acting I had the same fear that any sophomore would have; I didn’t know who was in my class and it was first hour, bright and early in the morning. Immediately when I walked into the black-box I felt a sense of community. I could tell that my class would start off a little shy but it would be easy for everyone to get comfortable with each other. I knew some of the people and had a few friends already but I was excited to start meeting new people and work on fun projects. I remembered hearing from other friends who took the course that it was a lot of fun and I even saw people filming movies in the halls in previous trimesters. All in all, I could tell this was going to be a little break from all my other classes and a good opportunity for me to have a time to relax first thing in the morning, also while learning good lifetime skills.

I am not a very good presenter but at the same time I have enough confidence in order to provide an OK presentation regardless of the class. After taking Acting I have improved that skill drastically. From monologues to dialogues to commercials we have done just about every type of presenting. Through these projects I have learned how to face my fear of presenting in front of large crowds, be able to memorize monumental amounts of text, and better my skills in group projects and contributing within them.

One of my favorite memories in Acting was listening to my peer’s dialogues. In our dialogue project we had to memorize a scene from a movie with only one person talking and then vividly present it. I was extremely surprised that I memorized those words in such a small amount of time and it wasn’t too hard. I even memorized some of my friend’s dialogue because of everyone walking around repeating their dialogues over and over again. Another one of my favorite memories was the recording of the commercials. Our group decided to use accents while recording and it make them very hysterical. I loved how we got to use our imagination to create funny recordings that were later played for the class.

In conclusion, Acting One provided a great learning experience and I am excited to pursue Acting Two. I not only learned great presentation skills but found a confidence within myself when given the task of presenting. I also no longer doubt myself and go up on the stand with preparation and can even memorize some

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