My Super Cool Tech Theater Blog Post

Written by: Sara Imbrie (Senior)
Tech Theatre 2016

4G7A1174To me, the Black Box is a familiar place.  Since my sophomore year, I’ve been in 8 Homestead productions as a member of costumes.  During the tour of the auditorium, I felt like I knew everything while I pointed out all of the interesting (and gross) places to my peers.  Especially the costume rooms, where I kind of figure is my reign.  Much to my surprise, there was still a lot to learn about costumes and the other parts of theater.

We started off with the more technical side of Tech Theater: building the set and props.  Through awful workbook homework and hands-on experience, I realized I didn’t know everything.  First of all, I had no idea how to work a saw or power drill before.  Of course, I didn’t claim to be some goddess of technical theater, but I did feel a little bit of superiority compared to my confused classmates who asked me where everything was.   Yet, when everyone else was finished building everything and I was still trying to drill a nail in, I realized that I actually really stink at tech theater.  For a class I thought would be a breeze, it was ironic how difficult it was for me.  In all honesty, I probably shouldn’t have been so cocky but that’s how it is sometimes.

Later on, when we moved to lighting design, I definitely learned the most.  I had been to the booth a couple times, but learning about how all the lights operate and how much work it took came as a bit of a shock to me.  I really didn’t realize how many lights there were and how it took to change all of them and make them fit the scene.  We also learned about the color Bastard Amber which was pretty cool.  Usually, I don’t think of lighting that much, but after being in Peter Pan I definitely thought of it more and how much of a change it made.

We have moved on to the costume unit. As I’m writing this, I’m sitting in the TV Studio in the IMC around of a lot of confused faces who know nothing about costuming. After not knowing anything at all from the first couple units, I really didn’t expect myself to learn much from this.  Of course, though, my group knows me as the Head of Costumes and expects me to know things but I honestly know as much as them.  I’m not an expert at the 1960’s (We are costume designing Hairspray).  What’s humbling though is that in some cases their costume choices were better than mine, but in some cases (Joe Knuth) I definitely knew more than others.  I guess I would be willing to help other groups considering we’re done, but it’s kind of funny how much they are struggling on a project that’s really not that hard.

I don’t really know where I am going with this, but I guess I learned that I really don’t know anything but I also learned a lot more than others.  I also need to have 4 more words so there’s that.

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