Why is cooperation so difficult?

Written By: Hannah Clemens
Acting 2

“Cooperation; an act or instance of working or acting together for a common purpose or benefit; joint action.”

4G7A5927For the rest of your life you will be required to cooperate at work, at home or with friends; nothing is accomplished without some amount of cooperation. Over the course of my third trimester in Acting 2 it has been made very apparent that cooperation is a skill that not everyone possesses. Our class would have gone incredibly smoother if people just listened to each other and took into consideration others ideas that could possibly enhance your own piece. Instead, our class seemed to be filled with stubborn kids who all think they are correct and their way is the best way, which is one of the main reasons many of the short plays we put on were, in a nutshell, disasters.

If you can’t work together on a simple high school short play where you have to memorize a couple lines and interact with other characters, how will you be able to move onto the workplace and be expected to create meetings and write papers with other workers. I promise you will not like everyone you are forced to work with all throughout life, just like I’m sure you may not like everyone you were required to act a play out with, but the way you handle the situation is a direct reflection of you, no one else.

4G7A5994Cooperation requires everyone involved and no one likes that one person who thinks they are on a higher horse than everyone around them, don’t be that person. It is a rather simple task to listen to one another and collaborate to create a masterpiece where everyone succeeds. To prove how cooperation is the epitome of success here is an example to show how it could have been used during one of my plays to create a show actually worth watching.

For our final play we did Suite Life of Zack and Cody, a rather simple plot with natural movements; sounds pretty self explanatory. Except, when you have a couple kids in your group that don’t really care about their grade, aren’t concerned with memorizing their lines and blocking, and are constantly getting distracted during practice; a rather easy task of cooperation quickly becomes a rather difficult task. Although their behavior is a reflection of themselves it makes the overall process of creating and performing the play troublesome for everyone. One way our production could have run much smoother would have been to simply cooperate and take into consideration the people around you. Every aspect of life is much more enjoyable when the people around you can work together and it is even more enjoyable when you can all work towards the same cause. Over all, acting has taught me the importance of cooperation and the reality that not everyone is capable of working in a team and forming an alliance but you have to make the most of what you have and make sure you do YOUR best.

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