Written By: Ken Wick-Eckert

Due to the influx of rats and or mice in Ms. Figg’s Acting 1, Acting 2, and Tech Theater classrooms, she has officially banned all foods in her classes. No matter if it is a messy food or not, NO food is allowed within the Black Box. For a period of time, she made students get out of the classroom and stand in the doorway of the class if they ever felt the sudden urge to eat their  foods/ snacks. The rule was eventually revoked due to people ignoring the rule and Ms. Figg eventually not caring anymore.  Although the rat infestation got so bad that any food entering the classroom would not appear the following morning. Eventually the class stopped hearing about rats being in the room and people continued to eat in the class. Although people continued to eat it eventually became less of a problem because people rarely stayed in the class once we began working on our “exam play.” Even though half the class stayed in the classroom at a time people still ate but did a better job of keeping up with themselves, making sure that no food was left behind so they wouldn’t have to hear Ms. Figg complain about food again and the rat problem.

Even though she’d let her drama club committee come into the black box in the early morning to have have breakfast,frequently. She also would consume a lot of pita chips during class periods which would happen to be the rat’s favorite snacks to steal/ eat when she wasn’t around. Along with hummus and girl scout cookies. Although the incredible Ms. Figg created a rule for all her students to follow, she herself could not follow them realizing how hard it is to fight pour irresistible snacks. But this small ideal was just a way for Ms. Figg to get us to pay attention in class because we were already a distractive group of teenagers, as I believe her other acting and tech theater classes. When in truth we are all in our teenage years and are constantly in need of eating our food more than the average person. Research says how teenagers are supposed to eat more than average along with sleeping more than average. This leads me to my point on convincing Ms. Figg to continue to allow us students to eat during class periods despite the rat/ mice infestation. According to healthyeating.sfgate.com teenagers need to consume more than the average adult due to the body going through its natural changes. The extra calories the body gains through consumption allows the body to make its adolescent changes. Now even though some of the students make poor choices on snacks instead of eating the healthier snacks that needs to be consumed that’s their choice. That shouldn’t be another reason for them not to eat. It’s all about carbs anyway. To wrap up this rant this backs up my final point that Ms. Figgs rule is bad and has more faults than it does positive effects.

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