Meet the Drama Club Presidents: Lonnae Hickman

Hi. My name is Lonnae (or you can call me Lenny) and I’m a senior and the Executive President of Drama club. I think the one thing to know about me is that I love theater, during the summer I even went to a Theatre Communications Group theater conference! It’s been my biggest fandom since I was 6 years old. In my spare time that’s basically all I do lol. I work at The Milwaukee Repertory theater through an internship and its teen council, and I also work at First Stage through shows and classroom internships.

I also do every show at Homestead, mostly in stage crew! So I barely have anytime to do anything else, but I like being busy. When I’m somehow not at work or at Homestead I’m pretty much the biggest nerd ever, I go to conventions (and I dress up), I watch The Princess Bride over and over and I listen to podcast on Disney parks (My family says I have problems and need to control my love for disney….BUT I CAN’T).

Anyways I got involved in drama club my freshman year and at first I was very intimidated by the bond and creativity all the upperclassman had. They all seemed so big (that’s also probably because I’m so short) and majestic and I was just a freshman on props, but one of the best things about D­-Club is that they were all really were supportive and welcoming to me. It soon felt like another home, and it still does. All the events and shows just make drama club people closer and better. In my opinion I think it’s better than any other club at Homestead. As a freshman I didn’t really have a lot of places that I fit in and be myself and the theater­ arts wing became that place. It’s helped me become the person I am now. Looking back it’s kind of crazy that I’m President of D-­Club but I can’t see myself doing anything else.

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Written by: Lonnae Hickman
Class of 2017
Executive President
Homestead High School Drama club

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