Meet the Presidents: Emily Boehlke

12491763_1016149425089882_5838315003031923288_oHey! I’m Emily Boehlke, I’m a senior, and I am so excited to be a Drama Club Co-President this year! Drama club has been my home here at Homestead since I was a freshman, and I hope to help keep drama club a home for all of you as well.

12241630_774844442662441_5277400776318583924_nDuring the ten shows I’ve done here, I’ve realized how much this place means to me. Every time I step into the Black Box theatre or onto the stage, I can’t wait to work hard and make art with all the amazing people I get to be with every day. Drama club truly changed me and my outlook on life. It made me realize how much power a group of people with a common goal can possess. From the long rehearsals, to the abounding friendships, to the exhilarating feeling of performing, to the Qdoba after strike, every step of the process makes me feel lucky to be here. My goal this year is to make everyone feel comfortable with themselves, their talents, and their relationships with each other. After all, we’re just a huge family here, and I want to make sure that everyone can find a place to belong! This year will be filled with so many wonderful adventures. Thank you so much for making the best club at Homestead what it is!

Written by: Emily Boehlke
Class of 2017
Homestead Drama Club

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