Meet the Presidents: Emma Zander

4G7A9860Hi my name is Emma, I’m a senior this year and a co-president of the Drama Club. I’ve been involved with the department since freshman year. I’ve been an actor in 5 shows, makeup crew for 5 and assistant director for 1. My introduction to the department was auditioning for The Hobbit (2013) and not making the cut.  I didn’t let that stop me from trying again.  That winter and was offered a role in the musical Carousel. Since then, every show I’ve been a part of has only increased my love of theater; in fact, the love I have given and received here has encouraged me to pursue a BFA in Theater Education next year.
Enough about me, here’s what I would like freshmen/newcomers to know:
1. Audition! For everything! Familiarizing yourself with the audition process and people in the club is always good, no matter how long you’ve been in the program.
2. Get involved in every aspect of theater! We have several crews to be a part of and they make the magic happen. Acting is only one part of a show.
3. I was going somewhere with this whole list thing, but I thought that would be a lot to absorb. The most important thing to know to know about drama club is that you can be yourself and it’s never too late to join. Ready for a fun year with new and old faces (w dad’s being the oldest)
– @ezndr

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