Need 3 Assistant Directors

I thought about it for a week now, and at first I wasn’t going to ask for assistant directors.  It’s such a small show and we won’t need a stage manager or script secretary for the shows, so I asked myself “Why do we need assistant directors?”  The answer came to me during callbacks.  I need three people willing to come to every rehearsal and sit on one side of our “theatre in the round” set as we block the show.  If a director is sitting on each of the four sides, we will know what movements we have to change so the audience can see the action at all times.

If you are interested in  becoming one of the three assistant directors please look over the rehearsal calendar first and determine if you can make all of the rehearsals (I need people who can be there every day no matter what).

Sylvia Rehearsal Calendar

After determining you can attend all rehearsals, please submit a resume of the shows you’ve been apart of either as an director, actor or techie and cover letter explaining why you feel you are the best for this job.

Send to

How to write a resume

How to write a cover letter


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