Has Acting Two Changed Me as a Person? by Jake Timm

Written By: Jake Timm
Acting II 2016

4G7A5631Much like other classes, you have the opportunity to write about the duration of the class and if it has changed you as a person, and with this post I plan to do so.  Acting II has, without a doubt, changed me as a person, and there are a few examples of how it did.  First off, it helped me make some new friends.  Although I already knew a large majority of the the people, it was nice to actually have a conversation with them and find out a little about them.  The first person that I got to know was Colin.  We had government the trimester before, but I seldom talked to him.  During acting that changed.  Throughout the duration of acting, I came to the realization that he is a very bright kid but he’s quite lazy.  The laziness was more prevalent at the end of the trimester when we directed our play.  Another senior that I became acquainted with was Daniel Zvi.  He is one of the most energetic people that I’ve ever met.  He was also very aggressive towards a lot of people, including the teacher, in a sarcastic way.  He was not afraid to say what he wanted to the teacher and for that I respect him.  Those were just a couple of my classmates that influenced me the most.  

4G7A5720Continuing on with personal growth, acting two has equipped me with a ability to express myself as a person.  I was already pretty good at doing that, but this class gave me the opportunity to put myself in awkward situations, such as the small skits, that improved my ability to do so.  One part of acting, the final, made me go way outside my comfort zone.  Of course, for the final, our group didn’t have enough women to fill all the parts, so some were switched to men and I had to play as a woman.  In theory It didn’t seem like a very bad idea, but as the final performance came closer and closer, I became much more nervous.  Finally,  when we were about to perform, I watched the room fill up with people, and I started perspiring in my short purple dress.  When my nervousness went away during the play, the hardest thing for me was to try and keep my legs closed so the dress wasn’t open.  It was quite the endeavor.  I was super scared at first but once I stepped out of my comfort zone everything was ok.  On a side note, the dress was very comfy and light.  It was almost as though I was in an athletic outfit.  

If I was asked if this class had fundamentally changed me as a person, I would definitely say yes.  It forced me to meet, and make friends with people I was only acquainted with, and forced me to go out  my comfort zone which will really help my personality in the long run.


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