Fiddler Audition Workshop

Fiddler on the Roof Audition Workshop
Where: HHS Choir Room
When: Sunday Nov 6th 1-4pm

Musical Lead Auditions Nov 14th – 3-7PM
Musical Ensemble Auditions Nov 21st – 3:30-6PM
Musical Ensemble Call Back Auditions Nov 28th – 3-6PM

Production Dates: February 9th-11th @7pm and February 12th @1pm

Please do not audition if you cannot make these dates.

If you get into the production you will need to sign the Co-Curricular code of conduct and pay $135 to Homestead High School, yes $135… it went up $10 from last year. No, Figg does not know why, it’s just the way the district works.

Rehearsals for Leads will start as soon as possible depending on cast availability and any possible rehearsal overlaps with our music concerts. Fiddler chorus rehearsals will start the the first day of 2nd Trimester. All cast members can expect to be called for rehearsal from 3-6pm everyday. The final two weeks of rehearsals prior to opening night are mandatory for all cast members. We do rehearse on weekends, please see the schedule for those Saturday and Sunday rehearsals. There will be no rehearsal during winter break and all class related functions are excused during rehearsals (not during the last two weeks before show), but please list any school related conflicts under “conflicts” on your audition form.

Please note: HHS rehearses on a very tight and lean schedule. All Leads are expected to show up to rehearsals already knowing their music and lines. Scenes are blocked once and the second rehearsal is expected to be off-book (memorized).

Frequently Asked Audition Questions

Do I have to have to sing in my audition?
YES. Every role in Fiddler on the Roof will have to sing with the ensemble.

What if I don’t know the song, should I still audition?
YES!!!!! We will have you sing “Happy Birthday” if you don’t know the song

Can I audition with my friend?
No. Only one person can audition at a time.

Can I do stage crew if I don’t make the show?
Absolutely! Fill out a Stage Crew Application. If you don’t make the performing cast, you’ll beautomatically considered for the stage crew.

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