Fiddler on the Roof Callback List

Thank you all for Auditioning!!

For callbacks, please look over these two packets as we will read scenes from them to cast speaking roles.  CALLBACKS are NEXT MONDAY, November 28th from 3-6pm in the Choir Room.  You will all sing and dance again as well as read for specific parts.  Thanks you.

Scenes for: lazarmotelperchik

Scenes for: fyedkayenta-and-ensemble-roles


2 thoughts on “Fiddler on the Roof Callback List

  1. John, I do not know who you are, but I’m wondering if you were at auditions. I ask this because anyone who saw Zach Ginkel audition would have to be blind and deaf not to see his talent. He was also just honored statewide this weekend for his acting, singing and dancing talent, told he was the best actor at the state festival and asked to audition for Juilliard. Actually, all the daughters have been honored statewide for their singing, dancing and acting. Everyone was cast on talent and no one was surprised more than I was on how the cast list fell. I thought Emily, Grace and Derrick would own those roles, instead four different people surprised Ms. Houge and I. These people won their roles on talent, I personally was rooting for the people you are so angry didn’t get cast. I assumed since they were leads in last years show they were going to blow me away this year. That didn’t happen, I didn’t see any improvement and they couldn’t act as the type of characters we needed this year. That’s the beauty of theatre, each show is different and calls for different roles. If you as well want to be my friend, please join us at lunch in the Black Box, come and talk to me. I will be friends with anyone who makes the effort and I count Emily as one of my friends. Everyone was talented at auditions, some people played the family and romance better than others, just like the people in Tevye’s family couldn’t have played the “Beauty and the Beast” characters as well as Emily and Derrick last year, this year those two didn’t play strong traditional family members as well as this group. If you have more questions, please come and talk to Ms. Houge and I, we cast the show on talent alone and hope you come see the show so you can see it.

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