A State of Fearlessness by Michael Morway

Coming into acting this year, I was nervous. There were two main reasons I was nervous. One being that I had never experienced what acting was like. I never felt the rush you get when you first start your lines, the queasy feeling you get when you think you forget a line, realised how much skills it takes to become an actor or how you have to completely stop being yourself for one second and act as a random character. The second reason is because when it comes to having to portray a character, I’m shy. As Mrs. Figg could probably tell you, I’m not a shy person as I am very talkative in her class! Haha! Although, for some reason when it comes to acting, my body starts to tremble, I get butterflies in my stomach, palms start sweating and I overthink everything. So when I heard on one of the first days that we had to see a play for a grade I was kind of happy but also mad because it was going to be on a friday night…! Haha! So continuing on … as I walked into the Homestead play of Sylvia I’ll be honest my mindset was to just get through it. I didn’t want to be there, thinking why do I have to watch some high school actors display an ok play on a friday night when I could be hanging with my friends! But by the middle of the third scene, my thoughts had totally changed! Going from not wanting to be there at all, to having probably the most fun time of my week in about 10 minutes was a pretty cool thing to experience. I don’t know who the people were that were the characters but they were so fearless. They had all their friends and family there which made for a big crowd and they didn’t show nervousness at all. Rather than thinking about if they were going to screw up or embarrass themself, they went out there and acted in the best possible way while having tons of fun. I know you’re probably thinking “oh he’s just saying that because he wants the grade” but I’m being dead honest. That play gave me a realization not only about acting but about life!  For example, I play tennis which was the reason I was going to the friday play… because I had a very big midwest tennis tournament that weekend. Going into that weekend, I was nervous about it. I was stressing out about it the whole week which made the fun of the tournament non existence. But once I saw the play, it changed my whole outlook on things. It made me realise that I shouldn’t care what other people think or be nervous that I’m going to mess up. I put in the practice and it will show on the court just like the characters in that play did. In class, I still struggled with acting because of nerves but I got better as the days went on or so I hope! haha! From that point on, I have lived in a state of fearlessness which has made the end to this trimester extremely fun!

Written by Michael Morway
Acting 1
Trimester 1 2016-2017

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