Growth in acting class by: Ally Wang

Written by: Ally Wang

Do I do it, or do I take something that I’m used to? Those were the words that were running through my head as I was desperately trying to decide what I should take for my fine arts credit this year. Finally after talking to my friends, and coming to the conclusion that art isn’t my strongest talent, I decided to take acting one! I was feeling confident in this decision, I thought this can give me an opportunity to do something I never would normally do. Then as registration came around, and I saw my schedule had acting third period, first tri, my stomach seemed to drop.

“Just go the first day, and see how it goes! I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun!” My mom said, making a desperate attempt to boost my confidence.

Despite my nerves bundling up in my stomach for the first day of acting, a relief came upon me when I found out that one of my good friends Anna was also going to be in the class and was just as nervous as I was. Finally it was the first day of school, and I was ready and really excited to see what adventures the school year would bring. Lunch came, and I knew shortly after I was going to be going to acting class, I really didn’t want to perform a skit in front of everyone in class on the first day.  I knew I would only have to go to the class, to see what things would come my way. I walk into acting to see a class with a bunch of different personalities and each person has something unique about them. Slowly, but surely I begin to come out of my shell and get more comfortable with the class. Games and little presentations in front of the class helped me greatly to become more comfortable in front of the group.

Just as I thought I wouldn’t have to do any presentations alone, a monologue speech assignment got introduced. I knew from the first day I was going to be dreading performing this. Miss Figg, my acting teacher demonstrated many examples of how to make this piece original. Finally it was my day to perform in front of the class, my heart was racing, my palms were sweaty, and my whole body was shaky. I had to take deep breaths and remember that I knew my monologue and I didn’t have to worry. After days of agony over this monologue it was finally over, and I ended up getting a great grade! Shortly after performing this monologue we had got to act out a dialogue. The same nerves came rushing back to me, but not nearly as bad, this was showing me I was growing as an actor!

All in all, over the course of this year, acting has formed me into a different person. It has brought me a better tolerance for public speaking, and has taught me many lessons about working with a group. Taking this class has led me to trying things I never knew about and introduced me to the very exciting world of acting!

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