Why take Acting?

14445076_929285170509426_1914824859586544258_oHas anyone ever said, “It’s just drama – drama. It’s just theatre. It’s not important.” It happens all the time, right? All the time, it happens to me! And, you know, it’s because the theatre classroom looks different and acts different than all the other classes. And so, it must not be like all the other classes and it must not be useful or important or worthy and it must not be worthy of being included in the curriculum which is a big problem because that means drama programs disappear.  Luckily Homestead wants you take Theatre classes, and you should.  Why?

The Theatre classroom is one of the few places where real world life skills are taught. Communication, self-confidence, self-evaluation, creative thinking – these are the skills everybody – all teenagers – everybody needs beyond the classroom, beyond school, right? A test – testing does not prepare a student for the real world. Life skills, that’s what students need.  That’s what you need.

4G7A5963Theatre is such an amazing, amazing platform that we can really address so many things and kind of get a practice run at things that we don’t really get to practice in life sometimes. It’s just so open. We at HHS use it in so many different ways and it just became our way of doing things because it is so adaptable and I can use it to help kids through pretty much any problem and I find that they really enjoy it. They enjoy taking a moment to watch their friends or taking a moment to be the center of attention.

Through the Theatre classes, I’ve seen students change and I’ve seen you learn things, but I think mostly we’re creating a self-confidence in them and we’re creating teamwork and group work and the main skills that will help you to be the best human that you can be. So, whatever your path – whatever you want to do – some of you, yes, want to be actors and that’s why you’re in this performing; but some of you just are kids that may grow up and may go to university, may not, and I see you being able to create really good listening skills, you’re adaptable. I try and help you learn how to balance stress, to deal with those things. Problem-solving is really what it narrows down to. But listening skills is huge and that one really helps with all the other skills.

By: Amelia Figg-Franzoi

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